X-Post from r/smallbusiness : Idea for protein drink service that accommodates all types of protein drinkers (dieting moms to gym rats) while minimizing/eliminating the costs associated with traditional food/beverage service. Come lend me your thoughts please…

I’m a bit of a foodie and I’ve recently figured out some great recipes for hand-made protein drinks that are unique flavors, almost no sugar, and are suitable and appealing to whatever demographic you fall in that enjoys protein drinks. Meal replacement for your dieting aunt, all the way thru body building gym bros. The major costs associated with most food/beverage joints are related to overhead and afew other things (payroll, utilities, rent,etc.).


I thought about creating a service for my city that was on the basis of delivery. I currently have access to a health dept certified restaurant that would act as my base of operations and have done my research to follow health standards and law. Simply put, I would take orders in advance from my menu (which is very affordable and unique) so that i could deliver to you your protein drinks for the week, on a weekly basis. I could do it all myself (no employees, utilities, rent) and would be targeting the giant apartment complexes in the area, which house my target demo in 18-35 year olds, and also the affluent neighborhoods, which house my “health moms/dads”.


The idea is to target these places bc lots of people live close together, therefore minimizing delivery time between clients and being able to service a large population, while almost eliminating the expenses of a traditional shop/restaurant. I just make batches, bottle them, and deliver them once a week. I realize that this is all about the marketing, and i have a good plan in place to appeal to both moms and Arnolds and most in between.


So what am i missing? Is there any glaring holes in this idea? This idea is particular for my city and may not be great everywhere, but i think theres something to it. I have several ideas that are specific that don’t fit with my city but may for yours. Let me know what you think of mine, and maybe I can help you figure out one for you. Thanks

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  1. What do you use for your “gym bro” brotein shakes? I always use Optimum Nutrition protein powder (normally chocolate) with either water or milk. About half the time I’ll add some combination of peanut butter, almond butter, coconut oil, Greek yogurt, dry oatmeal, etc.

    I’m normally not a big fan of these types of subscription services (while my GF signs up for every God damn one), but I fit in this target market so I’m interested in how you’d market to me. What’s your pricing look like? Is it similar to a muscle milk where it’s shelf stable and basically just protein powder and water? What’s your background like? Are you a fitness guru?

    I’d recommend partnering with personal trainers. Give them a percentage for everyone they send to you. Maybe give them free samples to give to their clients.

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