Who do you contact to get traffic light times looked into?

Almost every day on my commute to work there is at least one car which goes through a red light somewhere along the journey, probably due to the fact that the length of time at each intersection seems to be really long. The waits are longer than other cities I have lived in, is there a particular reason for this?

Who would be the best person to contact if I want to raise the issue? Running red lights are dangerous for everyone on the road. My dashcam has caught some absolute belters but im not a grass so I wont upload footage.

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  1. It depends what kind of road you’re talking about – it’s *probably* the relevant council, but if it’s on a “trunk” road (which are not just motorways) it’ll be Highways Scotland (or whatever they call themselves / subcontract to).

    As long as junctions have lights as opposed to actual barriers, there will be people running them, whether through misjudging the amber duration, generally not gaf, or just being morons.

  2. Some morning I swear I wait minutes at some lights! I’ll be honest, am I fuck getting up 10 mins earlier so I don’t need to rush to work. Not gonna happen!! Infact from now on I’m not even going to stop at red lights… film me if you want, I’m driving the Mrs’ motor 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. I’ve noticed the lights at some junctions are terrible. When it’s busy at the cross roads on Duke Street, turning right towards the big Tesco, you literally can’t go unless you skip the red light by a second or two – it’s ridiculous.

  4. The council or whoever has the authority should stick cameras on every set of lights in the city, they’d make a fortune in fixed penalty fines. The entire thing would pay for itself within a week.

  5. I’ve been got a similar issue as a pedestrian in the city centre. There’s a bunch of traffic lights around Renfield Street and Hope Street that only give you a couple of seconds between the green man going away and the waiting traffic getting a green light, no flashing green man. Not nearly enough time to cross when walking at a normal pace so I look like I’ve chanced crossing late when I haven’t and get beeped or aggressively approached by cars. It’s really intimidating!

  6. People run reds in heavy traffic because there is a few seconds of delay where all the lights are red.

    Taking away those few seconds would just lead to american style tbones, so it isn’t worth losing a few minutes a day at the risk of losing time due to accidents.

    Dangerous junctions have cameras to catch people jumping lights. Where the road goes under the bridge towards house of whatever it is and the motorway has one, for example.

    Get used to the amber gambling man, it’s going nowhere. London was even worse than Glasgow when I lived there. Drivers were brutal.

  7. I reported cars running red lights at a crossing used by school kids a couple of years ago. Cars turning right were turning so late (due to oncoming traffic running the lights) that they were crossing with the green man showing.

    I contacted a couple of my local councillors and one really persisted with it, referring on to the right team at the council, chasing on my behalf and keeping me informed and eventually they did change the timings at the lights.

    TLDR: start by emailing your local councillor.

  8. > The waits are longer than other cities I have lived in, is there a particular reason for this?

    I once heard a fable. I don’t know how true it is. It could be total bollocks. It might have some truth to it.

    Apparently, there is a control centre somewhere in the city that can change the timing of lights on demand and on the spot. Supposedly, the operators of this system watch on their cameras and muddle about with the timings to create longer queues of traffic. They run some kind of league table to see who can make the longest queues.

    It sounds like bollocks. The story came from a Whitecap I used to be pally with. Who knows?

  9. Serious question – do intersections here have red light cameras? In Australia most major intersections these days have red light cameras to deter people from running red lights.

    You occasionally see people run red lights in Australia but over here it is crazy just how many people go through red lights.

  10. Victoria road has to be the worst in the city for red lights. When you want to turn right onto allison street the lights will literally go red when the oncoming traffic stops before you can turn so you have to either risk cutting up other cars or just go straight

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