Where in Glasgow is a good place to live?

I already live quite near Glasgow in Coatbridge but I’m getting a bit fed up there and am wondering where to move to in the future.

Any ideas? I know that the East End is an area to avoid.

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  1. Honestly lad, you’ll be fine in fair amounts of the East End. Dennistoun, Alexandra Parade and Tollcross are all perfectly good areas to live in these days.

    Outside of that, it depends pretty heavily on your budget. You’ll manage a 2-bedroom in Dennistoun for anywhere from £600 to £900 monthly. Partick’s still pretty class, but it’s getting up in price these days, around £750 to £950 per month for a 2 bed. Mount Florida and Langside around the college is pretty nice, and it’s not hideously expensive these days.

  2. Glasgow isn’t the same place it was 30 years ago. I wouldn’t write off the East End. I didn’t write off Govan, and I live there now. It was only my girlfriends dad that told us not to live there because he knew it was shite back then. Scope out the places you want to live by visiting the area yourself and get a feel for it

  3. I grew up in the east end, friendliest collective group of cunts you will never meet.

    It has a few bams, everywhere does, am probably biased but would recommend.

    Relatively cheap property too

  4. saying the east end is a place to avoid is limiting yourself when really it isn’t so bad, it’s not the place it used to be.

    i’ve lived in the east end all my life and never had a problem, it’s not pretty but if you’re not fussy that should be fine.

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