Thank you Thursday! – (March 07, 2019)

Your opportunity to thank the /r/Entrepreneur community by offering free stuff, contests, discounts, electronic courses, ebooks and the best deals you know of.

Please consolidate such offers here!

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  1. **Every entrepreneur is in need of great copy and content to get the word out. As a token of appreciation, I am offering all r/entrepreneurs my services as an experienced copywriter for an entire month! Unlimited Web Content and Web Copy at just $999 for the first month!**

    No more having to look around for decent freelancers for your web content needs – TheWriterMan has got you covered!

    A full-time writer with a background in content marketing. I’ve worked with startups, small businesses, content agencies, and currently working as the narrative designer with an independent game developer, developing the storyline and side missions for his latest games.

    Here’s my [website](

    Let’s discuss your next project. Email me at or send me a PM!

    Thank you!

  2. [](

    # Looking to develop an app for your startup?

    We are offering app development for startups at just $900 as an introductory price. It gets better than that! For all of you on r/Entrepreneur, save $300 on your app for the next 2 days only! On the fence? We’ve got a 100% money-back guarantee!

    Launch your app within 60 days: [](

    Just mention this sub when contacting!

  3. Hi everyone! For all r/entrepreneurs if you are in need of landing pages/product funnels, I would love to build one for you free. I believe that partnerships like this should be risk free for you. So I am willing to build such landing pages using clickfunnels at 0 cost in exchange for you signing up under my link.

    With that you are given 14 days free trial to test and see if the landing page is worth the investment. The success of your landing page would be my success. So let me spend the time and absorb the risk of using such softwares for you. In addition I would be happy to help you understand how this software works as well!

    If you are interested pls PM me and I would love to discuss ur needs with you!

  4. *Get a free £5 welcome gift when you open a Monese account with my code*


    Monese is a UK company that offers current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional banks.


    1. Click this link and sign up to Monese: [](
    2. Enter referral code: KIERA821
    3. Deposit £10 into your new Monese account
    4. You will now be gifted with an extra £10 into your Monese account
    5. You will now have a total balance of £20.

    You can instantly transfer the money back to your regular bank account if you wish and never use Monese again.


    Side note: you can make upwards of £50 per day by sharing your own referral link with friends, family and strangers once you’ve signed up so it’s definitely worth it

  5. If you don’t remember when you last time checked your Google Analytics…

    Monitoring your GA is mostly boring, yet necessary task. But do you know, that you can skip it by setting up Google Analytics Alerts?

    I’m giving away 60 days paid plans to everyone who’ll register to StatsGlitch (Analytics alerts as a service) and send me an email or Reddit message. Get Real-Time traffic alerts, weekly overview reports and save your time.

    So only two steps:

    1. Sign up to get [Google Analytics Alerts](
    2. Send me a PM or email to

    Gifts count is limited, promise to respond in 12 hours or less 🙂

  6. I’ve been using some free online invoicing platforms for a while and they lacked some critical (at least for me) features I needed like:


    * No watermark
    * Reset invoice number yearly
    * Multiple templates
    * Easy and fast to use (no signup)


    As a software developer I decided to create my own platform, and [TuInvoice]( is the result of some weeks of work. All data is 100% stored on the browser, that makes it totally private, free and unlimited. Any feedback is appreciated 🙂 I’m looking for some ideas on features to implement.

  7. **Twitter experiment, help me help you.**

    If you would like to grow your brand on Twitter, please get in touch! I am currently investigating some ideas to get better at building connections and relationships over social media. I’ve called for help in the [past]( and have received good feedback, but continue to need more volunteers to help test my strategies.

    I will help you identify potential followers and customers on Twitter, and ways to connect with them.

    Please message me directly for further questions, and we can discuss your pilot experiment. It’s free but space is limited so be quick!

  8. **So here’s a special deal just for Redditors:**

    * We’re offering logo design services for $40 (as against our normal price of $99).
    * You get 3 logo mock-ups.
    * Delivery time approx 3-4 business days after payment (faster where possible).
    * See our portfolio for examples of logos, websites and more: [](
    * This deal is limited to 10 orders because of the special pricing.

    **The larger picture:**

    We specialize in web design & SEO specifically for small businesses. Our team builds great-looking, mobile-responsive websites on a tight budget. Plus we design logos, business cards and more. Check out our site for more info: [](

    **To get your logo at the special deal price:**

    Shoot me an email at [](

    Please include as many of the following details as possible:

    1. Your company name
    2. Name to incorporate in the logo (required)
    3. Slogan / tag line to include in the logo, if any
    4. Color preferences, if any
    5. Tell us a bit more about your business
    6. Please show us some logo examples you like (paste links).

    I’ll get back to you asap.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  9. Hi all! If you are looking for new ways to grow your company, my company is offering free marketing strategy sessions. It’s an hour of free consulting! (Normally 1 hour of consulting with us would be $200)

    By the end of The call you will have a clear opportunity for what digital marketing strategy you should follow to see growth, and you’ll have an analysis of your current marketing strategy and online presence.

    There’s no obligation to work with us to implement the marketing plan if you don’t want, you can take our ideas and have your team put them into place, and let us know the results!

    Even if you wanted review of something existing like a website, landing page, social media content strategy, paid ad campaigns, we can go over that too!

  10. **Join Monese to earn an easy £5**

    Get a £5 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and top-up money. Just use my code: BENED476. Download the Monese app here: [](

    Monese is a free quick and easy mobile based bank. Payments are instant and everything is done through the app rather than an actual physical branch.

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