TeePublic Affiliate Program Pays Up To $1,000 Per Referral – $1 Per Shirt Sold By Your Referrals Up To $1,000

[TeePublic](http://tee.pub/lic/rulesforrebels) isn’t a great place to sell shirts with their low commission of $2 per shirt.

What is pretty sweet though is their Affiliate Program. TeePublic will pay you $1 per shirt sold by any lead who signs up on your recommendation. They will pay you this $1 up to 1000 times so you can potentially earn $1,000 per sign-up.

Is that common? Probably not however if someone puts even the slightest effort into selling shirts on the platform $10 per referral is more than realistic and this is for the life of the account so over the years you eventually someday will probably top out at $1,000 on some of these accounts.

For the handful of people who sign-up through your link who actually do very well selling on the platform you can easily earn that $1,000.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Affiliate Marketing is it’s essentially when you recommend or refer people to someone else’s business and get a cut for doing so. They know the sales come from you because your unique affiliate tracking code.

You can promote offers on Social Media, in blog posts, on forums. A possible strategy could be making some simple screencast Youtube videos showing people how to upload a shirt, or how to design a shirt for TeePublic and if that video gets say 1,000 views and 1% signup thats 10 sign-ups for you. That video will also remain on Youtube forever where you’ll continue getting sign-ups.

Anyhow, just wanted to mention TeePublic, while it’s not the best paying paltform there are some good opportunities to make money on there.

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