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Quick backstory: I come from a debt-ridden family so I’ve seen firsthand the kind of suffering that can come from financial failures. That’s why the whole hesitation issue is a thing.

So I’ve been doing a lot of research on startups, and while its a relatively unpopular platform for a lot of people and skeptics, I think given my skill sets YouTube would be my best shot to get my first business idea going. It’s free to start, I have a decent handle on YouTube SEO and video production, and a clear picture of who my target market would be. I’ve learned a lot about YouTube growth and have a keen instinct for brand identity, so I wanted to start doing tutorials on how to grow a channel and leverage it into a source of passive income to supplement or replace your day job.

There are currently YouTube gurus doing this kind of thing, but most of their actually practical business content is paywalled behind online courses and private consulting. I want to make information like that more accessible since I had to really dig around to learn it and put the pieces together. We’re in the golden age of self-publishing, but information on how to successfully do can be difficult to find.

Here’s why I’m unsure of myself when it comes to starting. I haven’t actually grown a channel of my own, so I feel like people would think I’m talking out of my ass even though I have a lot of research backing the information I want to teach. As a full time student currently on a pre health track (somewhat of a safety net but I’m really not feeling it anymore), I understand that committing to multiple videos a week will be strenuous, and I feel like if my idea straight bombs i won’t be motivated to continue even if I am helping a handful of people. (I don’t want to jeopardize my academics if I’m not at least 75% sure of success)

Any of you guys have any insight on my situation? I really like video production but I know it’s a time commitment, and I feel like if my grades fall and this doesn’t work, I’m kinda screwed

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  1. The reason why most of those channels have a pay wall is because it’s the only way to make money doing a YouTube channel like that. Because there are so few people (relatively speaking) looking for that type of advice, you would never get enough views on your videos to be a respectable business. Even if you get 20k views on every video that’s nothing in YouTube terms. I would suggest finding creative avenues to Monetize this endeavor if you proceed.

  2. Something to think about. Most people want advice from outside who have lived it, not read about it. Giving advice on how to grow a channel, without ever having actually done it, rings hollow to me.

    I think you have to get out into the world and actually try your hand at the things you think you’re good at. Ultimately the market will decide your outcome, and there is no way to quantify your chances of success.

    Just believe in yourself and go for it. You will learn more through the process then you ever would in school.

    Maybe document the whole experience, failures and successes, to prove or disprove your theory? If successful, you would certainly have the experience and the education, and it might prove entertaining to an outside audience. If not, lesson learned and your more informed and better for it.

  3. Offer to help grow the channels of some YouTubers that you admire first. It will build credibility for your own channel, give you avenues to cross promote, learn various niches on the platform, and be a source of ongoing content for when your channel launches. Plus everyone could use a bit of help!

  4. Some have already pointed out the “haven’t done it…” problem, so I’ll focus on another problem.

    It’s not hard to copy. Even those “behind a pay wall” people are pretty easy to copy.

    I’ll give you an example: I do app dev, there’s a TON of tutorials out there on doing app dev, I’ve bought a number of them over the years. So here’s the deal, there is NOTHING stopping me from completing a tutorial and turning around and making my OWN tutorial that covers the exact same thing.

    That’s one of the problems with selling knowledge. Selling knowledge works like this… The most valuable knowledge takes the hardest research to get, yet it’s just as easy to resell as cheap knowledge.

    You have NO WAY to protect all the work that you’ve just done. You can’t stop one person from learning from you and opening up a site just like yours the very next day with 100% of all the knowledge you just sold to him.

    That’s why you need a way to blitz the market. Your best bet would be to have a package ready, some kind of paid add on like a tutorial, then hit as fast as you can.

    Whatever you do, don’t put your best foot forward. you need to have version 2 and 3 at the ready as soon as you hit a peak, or when others are eating your lunch.

    Think like Apple’s iPhone. They had the 7 and 8 at the ready when they were announcing the 6… Or as some would say “the ole 1, 2 punch, lead with the left, knock out with the right…”

  5. Don’t go into debt to start your business…you have first had knowledge about that experience and know how debilitating it can be. Don’t be tempted.
    That doesn’t mean don’t start a business, but it does mean you need to be careful and start small/slow. Test, test, test, and don’t bet big until you are 99.99999% certain it will work.

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The frozen canal, Maryhill. Absolutely stunning!

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