Starting a warehouse fullfillment business.

Hi Everyone,

hoping someone could lead me in the right direction. I have a 5000 sq ft warehouse in a popular local hub looking to start a fullfillment business to ship/package products for various industries.

Any tips on leads or suggestions (like joining a existing fullfillment service).

Thank you all very much.

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  1. Make sure your pallet racking is compliant. Pulling city permits etc is not the easiest when you’re doing like a 3PL service. I do this for a living and know how tough this is.

  2. There is a guy in Utah that I know with the ambition of wanting to be the biggest fulfillment center in Utah. What he has done is partnered with a guy whom is basically an AMAZON guru. He knows everything there is to about amazon and they are helping small businesses get going and build their listings on Amazon for free as long as the business will allow them to do the fulfillment. He’s grown so fast its unreal. Maybe a thought to try and offer something to small businesses for free in return of them allowing you to fulfill their orders.

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