Should I do business school or get experience?

So here’s the run down.

I’m about graduate high school and I want be entrepreneur for my career choice.

I’m very pro education and would be happy with college or other ways, I’ve learned a lot about business from learning online. Things that I would expect to see in college.

I plan on working immediately after school, but I’m stuck between deciding if I want to work and start my business or if I should work and go to college then pursue business

When it comes to business I’m pretty much at the point where I’m ready to start working on it as soon as i get cashflow aka a job. With that i can go into business then scale it.

Of course I’ll never stop learning, nevertheless in this specific case it’s a matter of how I want to learn whether it be self education or college education.

If you’ve gone to business school, let me know what it was like and could you have learned it online.

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  1. Undergrad is worth getting for a lot of reasons. Networking, breadth, expertise, fallback. If you’re driven you can start a business on the side, as many of the most successful entrepreneurs have done.

    Self education and learning for life are very important but sometimes you don’t know what it is you need to know and that’s what a college provides.

  2. Know someone who became a realtor in college (late first decade of 2000s). Now he has 15 years in the business and over a mil of net worth from buying real estate and flipping/ renting as well as from selling real estate.

  3. Spend an hour browsing /r/lostgeneration and completely disregard any advice about going to college “just for stability”.

    Where I live a 1bedroom is $1000 a month. If your idea is something you can start quickly… You’d be more stable living with your parents and working at Walmart while getting it off the ground.

    EDIT: Btw, do not major in business. It’s a scam. How is a professor without a successful business supposed to teach business to a class of people who have no idea what kind of businesses they want to start? You won’t understand business until you actually start a business.

  4. My personal advice after 7 years of entrepreneurship. Go to school while using your spare time for experience. That way you get the both worlds and no doors are closed for you later down the road. Besides learning knowledge at school, one of the most important things you get is the network. I can’t count the number of friends who told me an MBA was useless but the connections they made in the program are just gold. -Best of luck

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