Selling a yoga for kids service based business.

I’m selling a ready to launch business. It’s a yoga for kids service based business. It could be for adults if you wanted it to be. Able to be launched anywhere. My goal was for it to start locally in my suburb, expand it into Dallas, continue to plant seeds of locations in other major cities (while working mostly from home). Comes with ready to go website, business plan (step-by-step how-to) including financial projections (they’re good), all systems that are already in place for it to operate like a machine, business name (it’s awesome ☺️).

I’d love to talk about it with anyone who is interested.

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  1. Yoga for kids….as a service…

    Wait wait, I wanna see a yoga for dogs as a subscription box provided via an app like Uber, but it’s *not just another app*, it’s actually *creating communities and bringing the world together!*

    Man, the next recession is really gonna hurt when it comes.

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