Restaurants with a good vegan menu that also have gift vouchers

I’m looking to get a gift voucher for a vegan friend. I’d rather it was for a restaurant than a bar/cafe and also somewhere that has a good range of choices for vegans rather than just one or two options. Needs to be reasonably priced. I’m struggling to find anything suitable as a lot of places don’t seem to do vouchers. Any suggestions?

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  1. Zizzi have an extensive vegan range. They should do gift vouchers.
    Mono is the most well known vegan place so I’m guessing you’ve tried them and don’t do any.

  2. I’d suggest giving them cash and suggest they spend it on a meal. Cash is always better than vouchers. Vouchers can only be spent at a particular establishment, you look like a cheap bastard when using them, and they just create problems (“I can only order up to this amount and if I go over I have to get my wallet out and if I order less, I end up with 50p on the voucher so then I just lost 50p”).

    So cash in a card with a note.

  3. Elena’s across from old Yorkhill Hospital is a Tapas place with a full vegan menu. Pretty sure they do gift voucher stuff.

    edit: Still doing a vegan menu but can’t see anything about gift vouchers on their website. Sure I got an email or something once. Maybe give them a call.

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