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I’m in a Dennistoun tenement flat, 2nd floor, so one more floor above. I want to get rid of my stupid gas fireplace and either just use the open fire place, or perhaps install a wood-burning stove. Is it possible the chimney is ready to go for open fire? How much does it cost to have someone come and check things out?

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  1. Hi, I looked at this as it’s quite expensive. You’re probably looking at c£1,500 for the stove, connecting the stove to the chimney and you need a flue liner which meets the specifications of your stove. I’m a ground floor tenement and it just ended up too expensive for me. Just the liner alone is £50 -£100 per metre for materials and installation. Wouldn’t want to do it on the cheap and end up suffocating the neighbours either.

  2. It’s going to be expensive and difficult, given the fact you’ve got numerous people above and below you who might have modified their flats and fireplaces at any point from the 1920s onwards. I know that in certain tenement flats in the Dennistoun area they have found vast amounts of asbestos in the chimneys and flues, which will cost an arm and a leg to get rid of if you need to modify the area.

    If you go for an open fireplace and burn wood you may also be in contravention of the Smoke Control Act that covers most of Glasgow – it’s to ensure clean air, and prevents the emission of smoke from household chimneys. https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=17629

    In short, I wouldn’t bother.

  3. I’ve got a stove – we’re ground floor tenement with 4 above us. Needed a 28m flue liner which ended up costing more than everything else. We have a smokeless stove which you can burn wood and smokeless coal on and it meets the smoke free zone regulations for Glasgow, so it can be done.

    Got ours from W M Boyle in Pollockshields – recommended and didn’t rip us off.

    It’s nice to have and feckin’ roasting. Some things to consider:

    – Cost about £2500 to install ‘cos of the big flue liner
    – if your chimney isn’t in good nick inside, forget it, you’re fucked and it’ll cost a fortune. Leave it alone
    – Wood costs money unless you have a chainsaw, trailer and trees you can cut down. Then you have to dry it for at least a year before you can burn it. It’s £7 for a bag of dried logs, delivered, that will last 2 evenings
    – coal costs money too
    – so does kindling
    – you need somewhere to keep all the coal, wood and kindling, and you need to keep topping it up. You also need to carry it up your stairs from wherever you are keeping it.
    – it needs swept every year and maintained. Probably costs me £100 a year in maintenance (fire bricks, door seals, glass all need replacing at some point).

    All in, it doesn’t save me anything in fuel bills but looks pretty. Probably cost us more money now I think about it. If your place is cold, good windows and draught proofing would be a better investment.

  4. Agree with /u/Farookbuls4r4 mostly. I don’t think you’d do this to heat the flat these days, it is pretty much decorative. It’s still great though. I’m on a 2nd floor tenement in Dennistoun and I’ve got one, it was probably about £1200 iirc, obviously a lot cheaper for the flue on the second floor. I didn’t need a gas fire removed either, looks like there was one at one point but it’s long gone so that probably saved some money too. I also can’t recommend the company we used, “GB stoves” I think

    The smokeless thing doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to use the chimney at all but it does mean you can’t just open burn. You have to use what defra called an “approved appliance” or something like that.

    To be honest I don’t think anyone is ever gonnae check if you did open burn, or use some other stove, but the more important thing is the flue liner. You definitely can’t skip on that which is why you probably won’t be able to start burning right away. Reason for it is the masonry between the bricks of the chimney could be (and probably is) cracked or even missing in places, so any fumes from burning would reenter your room and your neighbours rooms instead of going out the chimney. Recipe for carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Tesco, b&q and home bargains down at parkhead all sell bags of dried logs for £3 to £4.

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