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When creating your companies website, do you generally use pronouns like “we” when describing your services, or do you keep it personal and describe yourself using “I”, etc. I understand the we looking more professional in some circumstances, but when trying it out myself I feel like I’m being less than authentic, which is really important to me. Thoughts on what you do?

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  1. I use both. The site has we, but when I blog, I use I. The “I” has actually separated me from my competitors, as everyone who comes to the site knows when they know they will deal directly with me instead of a nameless, faceless entity. Since almost all my clients come through the web, I find personalizing it goes a long way towards establishing trust.

  2. For a completely different point of view, 9 out of 10 times I see “we” and it’s clear that’s a flat out lie.

    Trust gone. Poser status achieved.

    The only time “we” makes any sense is if, say, that person is a freelancer who might bring others on for a bigger job.

    Maybe “we” makes sense if you’re marketing to a business that’s only going to buy if they trust you have enough resources to handle their job, and the bean-counter reading over the site can’t read between the lines.

  3. We always use “we” even though there is only one of us. It feels disingenuous at times, but as romantic as it sounds, no one buys software from the weird guy that works at home.

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