Protest against First Bus in Bristol – could this be done in Glasgow?

Protest against First Bus in Bristol - could this be done in Glasgow?

Protest against First Bus in Bristol – could this be done in Glasgow?

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  1. Enough folk on here seem to absolutely hate First Bus (and the rest) and really want better public transport provision in Glasgow – what about actually protesting about it? Seems they’re about to do it Bristol, would be interesting to see how it goes or even coincide on in Glasgow with the Bristol one (Nov 24th).

  2. The other day I was going to get a bus from Town to Brewdog at Kelvingrove, I decided to walk and if i was near a stop and saw a bus coming id jump on it.

    Walked all the way to the pub (1.5 miles), got a pint and sat down without a single bus coming. After about five minutes four stopped at the Bus Stop, three of which were the same number.

    There must be a better way to operate the busses in Glasgow, Edinburgh’s service put us to shame.

  3. There’s no doubt that public transport in Glasgow is shocking. It’s no joined up, it’s expensive, it’s slow and certain areas are just hard to get too. Glasgow really needs that second underground line, better thought out bus and train timetables and ideally a greater degree of subsidy for transport. Unfortunately this isn’t really First’s fault. Its the council/government. And given that they have a massive bill coming for the current protests, shrinking funds coming from central sources and Brexit to deal with it doesn’t look like the investment needed will be coming any time soon.

  4. There’s more to public transport issues in Glasgow than simply blaming the providers.

    While I wholeheartedly agree that vast improvements need to be made across the whole network this cannot be laid solely on First’s shoulders.

    The city cannot cope with the sheer volume of traffic trying to get around. You can alter timetables and put more buses on till your heart is content. While a bus is stuck in traffic, more people are queuing up at the stops meaning full buses sooner. Leaving those further down the line to wait for the next one. Buses cannot move between stops quick enough to move people around.

    This has a knock on effect. If one bus is held up by traffic and passenger volume the one behind will event catch up and pass. Hence 2 buses at once.

    I do several services that are near capacity before I’ve even left Buchanan station. We can only carry so many by law. More frequent buses won’t solve the issue.

    Clearing out unnecessary traffic will. See how many cars come into the city with only a driver and no passengers? A bus can take around 50 cars off the road. Less cars would mean freer flowing public transport.

    Glasgow needs dedicated bus lanes with enforcement cameras. How that could be implemented I don’t know.

    Hell, even [this set of lights]( causes delays as it turns red for no reason for at least a minute. A minute is a long time on a time sensitive service.

    The lights all the way down Renfield/Union St are a nightmare. It can sometimes take 15 minutes from top to bottom. We’re down time before we’re even out the City.

    I’m not making excuses, major improvements are needed. That’s fact. But the first step would be to make the infrastructure suitable. Glasgow isn’t fit for both cars and buses.

  5. You’ve got three methods.

    1. Bus it, Shite

    2. Train it, Shite, never work

    3. Drive it, pay more than what you earn in a day to park in town, or illegally park potentially get away with it for years until one day yer cars in the clyde as per Bobo Mitchells wishes.

    There is secret option 4 of being a fanny and cycling, but then you deal with becoming a knob and disliked by everyone.

    as such our system is unlikely to change as we have no good alternative.

  6. I seriously don’t mind the bus. I’m fairly positive there’ll be massively different experiences depending on route and time of day, but from my work to home as a commute I have zero issues. Timely buses every 7 minutes on the way in where I always get a seat, and busier buses on the way home but frequent enough that again I’m almost always getting a seat. Travel time once on a bus is about 10 minutes longer than using the car.

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Single from Glasgow to Anniesland on top corner of right hand ticket machine in lower level lobby of Central.

Single from Glasgow to Anniesland on top corner of right hand ticket machine in lower level lobby of Central.

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