People of All Ages Formed a Human Bike Lane Today for Safer Cycling on University Avenue

People of All Ages Formed a Human Bike Lane Today for Safer Cycling on University Avenue

People of All Ages Formed a Human Bike Lane Today for Safer Cycling on University Avenue

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  1. Anecdote time:
    I was once hit by a taxi in the cycle lane on University Avenue.

    On the east end of the road it forks, left to Bank St and right to Park. Unfortunately the muppet who painted the lanes didn’t make the cycle lane contiguous so it’s tricky to move between them, but that’s not actually the problem here.
    I had just joined the turn right cycle lane when a cab realised he was in the wrong lane and without indicating, looking, or anything akin to safety, changed lanes across the cycle lane and me.

    I wasn’t badly hurt, but the guy just wound down his window and yelled something a long the lines of “you should be in the cycle lane!”

    I think University Avenue is a perfect example of someone saying “let’s put in cycle paths” without anyone researching how best to do it.
    When I cycle in Glasgow there are a few places I see such, and it frustrates. I don’t want to take pole position in front of a car on a hill, but when the council have planned man hole covers I can’t cycle over ever 10m I have no option.

  2. You need balls (or the lady equivalent) to cycle in Glasgow. You have to have patience to put up with drivers shouting and beeping at you, and veering close to you to let their frustrations known. I drive full time now but I cycled to work for 6 years previously and lived in holland for a couple before that. Anyone who’s ever been to holland knows how thick we are when it comes to cycling…and transport in general.

    The Scottish roads are narrow and weren’t designed for 4×4’s (if you own one in a city then yes, you are a dick) and they certainly weren’t designed for cyclists. Having both try to use Scottish roads is comical.

    All cycle lanes stop abruptly with no rhyme or reason and are an inept way of saying we give a fuck about the environment when we don’t have a scooby.

  3. Just as, if not more, important than segregated lanes is proper enforcement with regards to the rest of the rules of the road. Uni Ave. is notoriously bad for tour buses stopping on those double yellow lines there and significantly narrowing the road.

    Gotta squeeze those tourists in somehow though, god forbid the uni loses out on those souvenir shop sales.

  4. >Euan Muir from the group attended todays protest and said “University Avenue is currently unsafe. It’s a road busy with motor traffic slicing through the centre of campus, dividing it in two. To simply cross campus requires dashing between streams of motor vehicles.

    I’m not sure we should be taking advice on urban planning from someone who either hasn’t noticed or doesn’t know how to work the three pedestrian crossings on University Avenue.

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