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  1. My potential business partner and I are thinking about creating a web-based service business. I’m planning to go visit him (we’re each on the coasts) for a few days and we’ll have a mini-startup retreat at his place.

    What are some things we should work on, think about, and finalize during this two/three day retreat? I plan on working on this full time during those three days.

    We’re still at the planning stage. I have a five page concept paper and a very (VERY) rough mockup of what I think the website should look like. We have a lot of ideas on how to structure the website and the backend (database, volunteers, etc.) but have not really put it down on paper yet.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. If I’m looking to go the sweat equity route with a power/pressure washing service, do I need a truck? Could I use my sedan and a trailer?

    If I’m looking to be commerce 2.0/not a 1985 brick and mortar business with no presence online, wouldn’t this be a way to differentiate myself?

    If not, what do you think about using Turo to rent a truck? Home Depot rents trucks, but they are plastered with signage and rates.


  3. Formed a LLC for my videography business. Currently being contracted (1099 and all) by a business to film and edit videos for them. The state (NJ) is saying I need to collect sales tax per job as they say my videos are an “intangible good that I am selling”. I agree that I am selling my labor.

    I assume I should talk to an accountant, but if there is an straight forward answer that won’t cost me $$$, that would be great.


  4. Hello everyone! I don’t know if this comes as relevant for this subreddit, but I couldn’t find any other alternative. So forgive me if you think this is a time waste.

    I am working in a StartUp which runs its whole business online. It caters to the educational needs of the students in the US online. Also, we are thinking of launching a program which could help the students with their tuitions and fees. But the problem starts here. We based out of the US and do not have any physical address or phone number in the US. These two types of information are essential to list our program to various local sites and listings. The phone number part has been taken care of by using a third party app. But we are struggling to find a way to register for a virtual address in the US. Although all the websites we came across are providing virtual addresses at affordable rates but the high state taxes make it way more difficult for us to go for it. If anyone has any idea of any such website or another way by which we can get a virtual address under $100 per year, it would be really helpful. Thank you.

  5. Would love to get some feedback!

    I have over 10 years of SaaS B2B sales and direct sales experience. I would like to translate this into a consultancy for small and local business owners to increase sales/profits/ROI.

    This would be a new venture for me and while I’m entrepreneurial in spirit, I’m having a challenging time in identifying my own challenges in this venture and creating some analysis paralysis on my own part.

    Any challenging questions or SWOT that could be thrown my way. I have tried to analyze every question I know how, but I would love a fresh perspective!

  6. If I have a two-part product I am working on – part electronics, part software- should I teach myself the software skills or should I try find someone willing to work on it for next to nothing? (at the moment)

  7. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve realized I’m not happy working for others, but the paycheck and benefits definitely make it great to continue working for a large business. I’ll need the security for a couple more years (new house and kids), but I think I want to branch off to make my own company once things settle down and I have more freedom.

    My current job requires 20+ years of work to have any credibility to your name to create your own firm, and I for the life of me cannot think of a hobby or marketable skill that I have that I’m safe to say I’m proficient in it to sell it.

    How did you realize that it was time to start your own company and you were proficient enough to do it? Did you want to become an entrepreneur but didn’t have anything really marketable?

  8. Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for some feedback on my URL and my product line. Please look at it and let me know your thoughts?

    **URL:** [](

    **Location:** West Jordan, UT

    **History:** In late 2018, I was searching for some nice and clean cut hunting apparel that I could wear to my semi-formal work environment. I had an extremely hard time finding what I wanted so I decided to make my own brand that would fill the market space.

    At this point, I have created a few products and have gotten online, [](, but I have little traction at this point. I am asking the community, what are some of your best practices to get individuals to your websites? Also feedback for the lines would be amazing!

    **Stage:** Just me as of now and I am the prototype/feedback stage.

    **Discount:** FandF10 for 10% off all products!

  9. Hi All,

    A friend and I are working on a website/app called Burst Your Bubble. You can find our first attempt at a landing page here: [](

    Feedback we are looking for at this stage (besides the most obvious answer – “Any and all”):

    Does the website clearly explain what the product is? or is it unclear?

    Would you sign up for it? Why or why not?

    If you have a minute to take a look, it would be great to hear your thoughts.


  10. Not enough comment karma on this account, so making my post here.


    I have been working on a Print on Demand store for the last 4-5 months – looking for feedback and critisisim.


    I’m 23 and have a comfortable wage for myself and took this as a hobby in the hope of it perhaps taking off – this is by no means my main source of income. I started with a print on demand store as I saw a video on dropshipping last year and at first thought it was a ‘dirty’ game, however after further investigation stumbled upon Print in Demand which allowed me to add some personalisation and tailor my shop to my hobbies and interests.


    [Here is my store – Shirtoise](

    [Here is the Instagram account – @Shirtoise](

    [Here is the Facebook Page – @Shirtoise](

    I also have a Twitter account under @Shirtoise but it was manily created to reserve the name.


    I began work on the store at the last week of August 2018. For the first couple of months my only expenditure was the Shopify fee, until I started pushing a few ads on Facebook. I have spent approx £80 in Facebook adverts and maybe £20 on reddit ads and have seen £0 return. I have had sales, one come from somone who searched his car registration and found one of my designs. Another x2 sales came totally out of the blue and on a product I’d never even advertised.


    Every single design on the shop has been created by myself – having extremely limited vector designs knowledge when I started I’m half impressed with what I’ve been able to churn out. I’ve paused Facebook ads in order to restragise I think for the future and my expenditure is still more than I’m bringing in. At the end of last year I opened an Etsy page and I’m begining to think this could be the way to go to lower my expenditure to begin with and pause my Shopify subscription.


    I had a Facebook post go ‘viral’ organically with my small audience in one of the niches I target however never exploited it to its full potential and I’m learning every day so these are errors I’ll be able to fix in future.


    I’m open to absolutely any critsisim of what people think I’ve maybe done well. Any tips on how to increase sales in the most cost efftive way I’ll take on board. I feel my website is clean and professional looking and would be seen a a trustable company, however I’m worried having seen it so much I’ve plagued my own thoughts and opinions.

    Many thanks in advance.

  11. Trying to get Karma so I can post.

    Run an outlet store and can purchase American Cosmetics very cheaply, had the idea put in my head to possibly export these from the US to South American countries. Have no idea where to start. Wondering if anyone has any experience exporting.


  12. DOES HTML AND CSS STILL HAS SIGNIFICANCE, since platforms like webflow make website without coding. Asking this question bcoz I just started learning html and css. Should I drop and go to python?

  13. **[I’ll comment feedback on your idea if you comment on mine.]**


    **HQ**: Austin, TX


    A dating app that focuses on improving your dating skills, social skills, and confidence like a dating coach instead of a matchmaker. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when you’re about to say something stupid? Do you ever wish that someone would just tell you some basic dating advice that actually works? Do you ever wonder what’s “normal” in a relationship? Have you ever been rejected, but didn’t understand why? Chances combines data science, machine learning, and feedback to help you answer these questions and improve your skills.


    March 1st, Chat with simple (non-AI) feedback will be here by the end of the month.


    Pre-alpha; looking for testers and feedback


    It’s **free** now. Also, I’ll mark your account as an early adopter for additional premium perks if I ever make money 🙂


  14. Hi guys! I created a service that connects you with affordable personal assistants ($2.99 / hr) to help you with your business. It’s called [Accelerate]( – Let me know thoughts! Skype video interviews are free / no obligations so you can meet our assistants!


    Disclaimer: Our assistants are mostly from the Philippines where the literacy rate is phenomenal, minimum wage is $1.16 / hr and the average wage is $2.50 / hr (including high paid workers such as doctors / lawyers etc.) which is how we are able to keep our services affordable. We understand there are some strong views regarding outsourcing but please take a look at our [FAQ]( or even better, [interview]( an assistant to understand why they work remote for us clients. Let us know thoughts! Thank you!

  15. Offering a website to mobile app creation service using an off-the-shelf tool: yay or nay?

    Pros and cons of creating a promotional website and trying to find people who would like a mobile app based on their website then charging them a fee for this service.

    Would it work? How much could it earn from a one man band type setup, doing this on the side?


  16. Hello guys,

    We are just launching our beta and we struggle getting feedback, what type of incentive did you offer ? How did you get the right beta users ?


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