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I am just looking for some advice or tips on what I can do regarding this. As a relatively new homeowner I am not too clued up on what to do in this situation..

So basically, I bought a flat in a relatively modern new block of flats (South Lanarkshire area) in October. I am on the middle floor. I am a 25 year old female, working full time and live by myself and spend a lot of time at my boyfriend’s flat, and I’ve never had more than 2 friends in my flat at one time (I’ve also NEVER had a party or anything like that).

I have a cross trainer/ellipitical trainer in my living room that I’ve not used in about 5 weeks (festive season and all that!). So last night I go to use it at 7pm (not particularly late at night?). I only stay on it for 15 minutes and I don’t have any music or background noise in my flat at the time (was using earphones). When I came off it my downstairs neighbour (who I’ve never actually met before) was knocking at my door and went ballistic at me.

He basically accused me of using my cross trainer “all the time” and saying that I’ve made ‘constant noise’ since I moved into the flat which is definitely not correct considering I am always at work or at my boyfriends!

He spoke very agressively towards me to the the point where I was actually in tears and he made some cheeky comment about how ‘he bought his flat’ as if he thought I was maybe renting mine?

Any idea on what I should do? Is this something I should maybe mention to the factors for the building? Does anyone have any experience in this?

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  1. Sounds drastic but if you have an issue with a shitehawk neighbour, its always better to move on.


    Logic. Say you record all the noise that happens in that flat, the dispute escalates and you have to involve another party. When you come to sell the flat, you’ll have to declare the dispute with the neighbour. Which will put off any potential buyer.

  2. My suggestion?

    Buy a decibel monitor and place it next to your machine next time you’re working out (ensure your BF is with you at the time incase the melt from downstairs appears) which will display the noise of the activity.

    If it’s within the acceptable limit (not sure what that limit is) then you have every right to continue your activity. There may be ASBO stuff you should read about to make sure you’re not falling foul of any other conditions. But as long as you can demonstrate that the activity you’re doing isn’t in violation of permissible noise levels then he won’t have a leg to stand on and any further confrontation from him could constitute harassment.

    Link to noise level information

  3. You know what you need… a good old flat warming party, to make him appreciate what noise really is!

    Until then, ignore him and make sure your boyfriend is there to answer the door, next time you use your cross trainer.

  4. Have you got carpets or woodenlaminate flooring? Hard floors can make a lot of noise to a downstairs neighbour. My neighbour’s mobile used to vibrate through their laminate flooring and it sounded like a power drill. She was unaware of this.

  5. Is it on a wooden floor? Get a couple of rugs under it. You can be totally silent in your own gaff and it be noisy as fuck downstairs, unfortunately, if it’s rocking about on the floor.

  6. You should contact The Police and absolutely should mention it to the factors. They should contact the flat below to advise him that they’ve been made aware of this incident and if there are further instances continue to contact the factors so as to ensure dates and times etc are all documented and contact The Police if you feel it’s necessary.

  7. Bell-ends like this always have to work themselves up into a frenzy before they speak to you. I’ve found the best antidote is to go and speak to them about it at a time of your choosing when they’re not acting the twat, and to just be as direct as possible about it all – you’re living above them for the foreseeable, you’re going to be making the typical noise of an active human being, ask specifically what things they want you to do differently? Beat down their twattishness by being completely reasonable.

    Of course, this only works up to a certain level of arsehole.

  8. I own a property in the south side and got an email from the factor one day complaining that my tenant used abusive language and regularly pee in the garden.

    Told the factor that I’m not his parent and if he uses bad languages and pees where he shouldn’t, I’m not going to be the one to teach him manners.

    Anyway, my point is that people do report this sort of thing to the factors. There isn’t much they can do though.

  9. As folk have said, if you are doing it on hard floors then it may be causing a good bit of noise downstairs but regardless he shouldn’t be acting like that. If he comes to your door again, i’d set my phone on record (either just a voice memo or video) and that way if he is abusive towards you at least you have evidence to give to the police otherwise there isn’t much they will do and the bloke will just make a counter complaint against you for the noise.

  10. Here’s an idea: next time you and your bf are in chap and say you would like to do a sound test. Have your bf go to his and you jump on the crossfit. If the noise is like he says and witnessed then that’s a thing. If it isn’t or he refuses then he is a shitebag so leather him.

  11. Neighbours in flats can be weird. I used to own a downstairs cottage flat, and my upstairs neighbour was hypersensitive to noise. He used to passive-aggressively mention how loud my doors were (I rehung and oiled them all), and then got angry because my newborn was crying at 4am.

    Basically, do what you can reasonably do and then ignore the fuck out of your neighbours.

  12. As others have said, you might be making more noise than you realise; maybe even just walking around. It might not even be you!

    If they’d been reasonable you could have asked if they had kept a diary to help you figure out *what* was causing the noise. As they’re hostile, it’s a guessing game.

    If you have hard flooring, did you fit soundproofing underlay? Can the factors confirm what soundproofing exists between floors?

    Do you wear hard-heeled shoes in the flat? Are items like your washing machine etc properly balanced?

    You *could* ask your boyfriend (or someone) to run on the trainer with you listening in the downstairs flat, but that requires your neighbour to be reasonable.

    Rugs etc under the exercise machine may be they way forward. If they are abusive again you can always report them, but tgey can also report you as a noise nuisance. They’d need evidence to back that up and it doesn’t seem like they’re the sharpest knife in the drawer. Or simply at their wits end.

  13. House probably has zero noise insulation. But as he’s been an utter cunt I’d personally get the stereo on from the second you arrive home, tap dance everywhere and tell him to fuck off.

  14. I have experience of an eliptical trainer above me and my girlfriends flat.

    Firstly I don’t consider myself a complainer by any means..quite the opposite.


    But i have be honest and say, in my opinon, using an eliptical trainer in a flat is not very thoughtful.

    If you’re on the ground floor fine, but anywhere else isn’t fair.

    If it’s a wooden floor doubly so.

    We live in the middle of a block of three tenement flats. Got new neighbours upstairs, nice people. one morning around 7, the girl started doing a run on one of these machines. you could actually physically feel the cycle as well as hear it. We had been in the upstairs flat previously and the whole thing is wooden floors so the sound just conducted down very noisely. loud enough to wake you up. Music can barely be heard; it’s the hard cyclical movement that causes the thundering noise;

    I went sheepishly up (my girlfriend had to pester me, i didn’t want to cause a fuss)..and just politely said it was just not going to work, especially at that time in the morning. Apologies were made and they stopped immediately. They do it very very ocassionally now during the day (just about fine). Think they must have put noise reductors down too. It’s still noisey but its not as bad. I personally think it’s not a machine for flats and think its a bit selfish.


    Personally I think even deliberately having wooden floors is a bit thoughtless too in a tenement block. You have to be wise to the limitations of Flat living.


    No need for the guy being aggressive though obviously.


    Sorry probably not what you want to hear but having had the issue myself thought better to be honest from the other point of view.




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