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Hey guys! I wanted to make my first post on here to see if there was anyone I could help with drop shipping. I’ve had a lot of people go out of their way to help me out in my journey and I’d like to pay it back. I’ll be on a road trip tomorrow and will answer as many business related questions as I can today and tomorrow. I’ve attached the screenshot of my most recent store (started Feb 8.) and have since scaled to $100k primarily through Facebook Ads. The profit margin on the store this last 30 days was just under 28%. I also have a YouTube channel to be able to describe the strategy I used a bit more in depth which I’ll link the Facebook Ads Strategy Breakdown below to help anyone who’s struggling. I’ve also attached my IG if you’d like to DM me, I’d be happy to answer any questions there as well.

Anyway, ask away and I hope I can help! 👍🏽

Results >>

Facebook Strategy Breakdown >>

[$0-$10k/Day Facebook Strategy Breakdown](

IG >> [@johnathonzamora](

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  1. I notice you rent/borrow a lot of Lamborghinis to improve your image. What is your average monthly cost of Lamborghinis, and do you prefer them or Benz when it comes to convincing people of your success? What would you say is the return rate of each?

    As you can scale up and make $28k of profit every month, and likely have numerous profit streams of successful $28k+ profit shops, that puts your yearly personal income at more than a million dollars. Do you have any issues with taxation and dealing with the IRS explaining the legitimacy of your sales? Have you been audited?

    How much of your income comes from shopify free trial backlinks, and does working on funneling viewers towards these backlinks take up a large portion of your time?

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Taken at Broomielaw.

Taken at Broomielaw.