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I have been looking for a new flat recently and I am stressed out. After doing some research, I came across with the impression that almost all the letting agents are a rip off, and it turns out that in almost all the flats I have been checking in a bunch of different websites (Zoopla, citylets, Rightmove, Gumtree…) are managed by them, thus finding a private landlord seems quite difficult.

I am not native-english speaker, that makes everything more difficult since I have to be extra careful with all this stuff. Any recommendations, letting agents to avoid, or kind words would be gratefully welcome 🙂

PS. The letting agents I’ve seen so far are ‘Absolute residentials’, ‘Guardian lets’ and ‘Etimon’.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. They’re only small, so don’t have many properties, but I can personally recommend https://www.haplettings.co.uk/property/ – I rented from them for a couple of years and they were decent people who treat their tenants as actual human beings.

    For private landlords, other than gumtree, check out notices in the window of ‘News n Views’ on Byres Rd, which is the traditional place to put up adverts for tenants in the west end (though not used as much nowadays as it used to be).

  2. If you are renting from a private landlord in Glasgow then please check that they are registered. Legally they have to be and they will be highly dodgy if not (unless they are living in the property and renting a room, this is different):[https://www.landlordregistrationscotland.gov.uk/](https://www.landlordregistrationscotland.gov.uk/)

    Letting agents are generally not so much a rip off as completely useless. They should not charge you, it’s the landlord that pays them. If they are trying to charge you for anything except deposit and rent then please refer to Shelter’s advice, they are a housing charity: [https://scotland.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/guides/renting_privately](https://scotland.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/guides/renting_privately)

    If you are not from the UK (mentioning as you said you weren’t a native speaker) then you may come up against issues with references/guarantors. If you really are having issues with this then you might want to look at renting a room from a private landlord to start with as they are least likely to look for this.

  3. I rented out a flat in Haghill from a private landlord. Found her on Gumtree, it’s a good place to look for a less biased rental process. Also take walk round the area you are interested in. Some people don’t advertise, but would rather hang posters in the windows.

  4. Try gumtree and filter by private, not agency. I did this when I was looking and found it a lot easier to find landlords to have a one on one chat with. You need to be quick though as flats get taken very quickly.

    Also with agencies, alot of them do group viewings and the person running the viewing generally has no idea about the property specifics so can’t answer any in depth questions like a landlord could.

    And when you put your name forward with an agency it really is just a bid between you and the other people there as to who has the highest income, because at the end of the day the landlord making the decision doesn’t know who you are personally and will just accept the person most likely to make rent consistently on time every month, highest income = lowest risk in their eyes

  5. Avoid core property at all costs. Really bad agency… they refused to do repairs when I rented from them and had a lot of dodgy practices. for example, they had several broken appliances in the flat (oven, microwave, fridge etc.) which you would assume would work but didn’t or which broke shortly after renting. They clearly just take on flats fill them with cheap shit and let people suffer.

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