Just put my early beta app out there. What should I do now?

Hi Everyone,

About a month ago I wanted to use my **IP cameras** that had been sitting around unplugged for almost a year. The reason they were left unused? The bundled software is a total **nightmare to use**. I just wanted a **simple app** that could connect my cameras and save the stream to local disk. One that would work on my OS X iMac.

I rolled up my sleeves and started researching how all these cameras work and how I could tap into them. Long story short: I built an app that lets you **connect your IP cameras** **without having to know their IP address** and all that.

Halfway through making this thing I started thinking maybe others have the same problem as me? So what the heck, I put together a beta website with some info on how to download and test the application. I am using Google analytics to track user traffic and see what kind of interest there is. I also read I should do an ad-campaign specifically targeted to the users who might be interested in such a product.


**What should I do now?**


PS: Anyone else who has shared the same frustrations as me with these blasted IP cameras… please give my beta app a spin! It’s totally free and will be sending out lifetime licenses if/when I take this to the next level.

Check it out here: [https://www.viewgrid.app](https://www.viewgrid.app/)

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  1. You can probably validate your idea pretty quickly by searching forums. I did a cursory google search, “ip camera setup ip address not working” and came up with a bunch of hits. Start there?


  2. the first thing you should do is clarify that your pricing is yearly and not monthly. that totally threw me off and if I hadn’t thought about it I would have clicked off without even thinking about it.

  3. You just lurk in the SEO and Marketing and Digital Marketing forums for a while. You will gain valuable insight in the dos and don’ts of setting up a website properly for organic traffic, ad creation and targeting. My personal experience is if you don’t know what you are doing you will likely sink a bunch of money with little sales in return!

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