Instragram Photos and T-Shirt Copyright?

What are the copyright laws(in the UK) for using an instagram photo on a t-shirt, and profiting from it? I don’t necessarily mean a photo of someone. Maybe a photo someone has taken it, there are a lot of ‘aesthetic’ pages that post loads of photos of people or things which don’t include their original source. What if I wanted to print one of these on a shirt?

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  1. You’d have to edit it significantly. You can’t just adjust the color or make it black and white, you need to “make it your own”.

    I.e. a picture someone took of a flower. Now YOU take that picture someone else did but you slap a UFO on it with some text or something… this a basic example of fair use.

    I could be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure I basically got the gist.

    That dude that stole other people’s Instagram photos and sold them for thousands of dollars had to stop f.y.i. the court ruled against him because he didn’t change the composition enough.

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