I’ll be leaving Glasgow soon, I’ve been reminiscing about this city somewhat. So, I thought I’d ask, what’s everyone’s favourite thing about Glasgow?

I’ve lived in Glasgow for 9 years in May.

Before Glasgow, I spent a couple of years in Edinburgh, then, before that, I moved around England for a while, but was mostly around the Liverpool, Manchester, Chester area.

Honestly, I wasn’t very keen on Glasgow for the first couple of years. Couldn’t put my finger on it, but it didn’t feel like “home”

That has well and truly changed as I settled down with my wife and had kids.

I’ve become pretty fond of this city, and I’m very happy to raise my kids here.

One of my favourite things though is that I feel safe.

I’ve stayed in some dodgy places over the years, including places I didn’t feel safe going out after dark. That just isn’t the case here, especially in the south side.

It’s also a great location, being within driving distance of some of the world’s best mountain biking both up north and down by the borders!

We’ll be moving out of Glasgow in 2019, just looking for somewhere bigger for my family. Out of Glasgow, maybe over Stirling or Falkirk way just seems like we’d be able to get more for our money.

I’m definitely going to miss Glasgow.

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  1. I live 20mins train journey from Glasgow. Always feel safe where I am and also when I go into Glasgow.


    I like how even 20/ 30mins drive you are in to the countryside. It’s nice to get away from the city. I feel like if I lived in London for instance, it would be quite a challenge to just get up and get out of the city for a while.


    Glasgow has some great music venues though and all the big acts, when they come to Scotland/UK, more often than not will perform here.


    Having been brought up in the area I think I would miss my social circle and family a lot. I lived abroad in New Zealand for 18 months and whilst I met lots of great people, it just wasn’t the same and I missed a lot of home comforts.


    I was always under the impression when I was younger that Scotland and Glasgow was shit and I couldn’t wait to get away. But now that I’ve been away and came back, I would never want to live anywhere else. The grass isn’t always greener and I think I appreciated what I had here much more after I had been away.


    Good luck in your move. Hope you find a great place for you and your family to live.

  2. Are you sure you’re doing the right thing in moving? My husband and I moved out of the city in 2007 to be nearer his family – our first child was on the way. We’ve been trying to get back ever since! Moved to the south side in summer last year and so happy we did. Kids love it. I think you might miss it terribly if you leave.

  3. It feels like there is a really good balance of: affordability; things to do; city feels walkable; public transport is cheap(ish); isn’t up its own arse like Edinburgh or down in the doldrums like Killie

  4. I like that i can have a 3 bedroom house with a driveway and front/back garden for less than i’d pay for a studio flat down south.

    Also i’m equally 20 minutes from the city centre but also less than half an hour away from my mums house down in Balloch.


    Sure it has some downsides but i’d find it hard to leave to move somewhere else.

  5. I’ve lived here on and off for about 25 years now, and one thing that is really noticeable here in comparison to most other UK cities is the rate of change and the sense of optimism. Literally nothing is as it was when I first got to know the city, everything is always improving – barely a week goes by there isn’t a new exciting thing to see or do. I’ve seen actual slums disappear, cycle lanes and green landscaping weave their way through previous areas of wasteland, tower blocks pulled from the skyline and swathes of sensible, normal social housing crop up in their place. Violent crime has plummeted – the main thing that used to make me not want to live here was the feeling of insecurity, but that is now almost totally gone.

    The city isn’t perfect by any means but there’s always been the sense that, since about 1990, things are always improving, people are becoming healthier and happier, life is starting to evolve towards the quality that some of the better european cities have but, importantly and differently, without being dependent on affluence.

    I visit older cities like Edinburgh and London and they are mostly exactly the same as they were 25 years ago. Places like Leeds and Manchester have undergone similar rapid change, but seem to have lost their roots in the process, skipping straight from industrial decline to anonymous bland corporacy. Liverpool and Newcastle are the places I’d say have kept their identity in the way that Glasgow has while gradually improving the quality of life, and I’d happily live in either of them, too, if they were closer to the Highlands.

    Or maybe it’s the Three Judges. Wait, yeah, it’s the Three Judges.

  6. It has been close to two years since I left now with a couple of trips back (moved to America).

    The main thing I miss is the way Glasgow manages to feel like a community of sorts while still feeling like a big-ish city. Frequently seeing the same people in the pubs I drank in, having passing banter with them. People are definitely more open and less reserved, I probably miss that the most.

    If I could teleport back for the afternoon I would probably wander about Kelvingrove park, grab a few pints in The Three Judges and either get a curry or a kebab to eat.

  7. Leaving after 13 years. It is an ambitionless, dirty dying city.

    I lived in the West End then woodlands. Swathes of Indian and Pakistani landlords have ruined the area. Closes are dirty and unmaintained, and streets are filthy compared to other cities in Scotland.

    Football days are awful, bar potentially Partick and even then. That said, Glasgow Warriors are a city success story, as are the Rocks. The city hosting major events such as the athletics and gymnastics is a good thing.

    On the whole, however, while Glasgow is better than it was 30 years ago, it is a city with a chip on it’s shoulder that sets a bar too low for itself. The chancing alky/junkie/mental is all too prevalent, as is the underlying feeling that Glaswegians are seconds away from trying to assert their manhood through violence.

  8. I left Glasgow 25 years ago, came to the USA

    Sitting here snowed in 4 feet deep, -35f wind chill. But the Sun is Oot!

    I miss the rain, and the temperate climate. The people, the banter, Pot Noodles, Pakora, Digestives, National Health. Never been back other than walk about’s using Google maps Street view.

  9. There’s no bullshit to the city. People always say exactly what they mean, with varying levels of protecting feelings.

    For example; if you try to do stand up and are shite, everyone from strangers to your friends will say “you were fuckin awful, but good on ye fer tryin”.

  10. We are staunch but friendly.

    We are no nonsense but tolerant.

    We are pessimistic but enthusiastic.

    We’re a city of contradictions, and we make it work.

    Try getting the friendliness from strangers elsewhere in the UK that you get in Glasgow, not possible.

  11. This may seem strange but nothing makes me feel more at home than the smell under the central station bridge. There is something about the combination of the chippy and car fumes that just reminds me of Glasgow. I think it’s cause it’s exactly the same as I remember it 20 years ago.

  12. I’m moving this summer. I’m from Dumfries and my partner is Aberdeen. He lived in Glasgow for years and loves it.

    We head up to see pals pretty regular so I’m kinda just getting a feel for the place.

    Ideally I’d like to live smack bang city centre. But since we will be renting (canny afford hoose deposit) the prices are too dear.

    No idea what area to move too? Trying to find somewhere where I can have 2 bedrooms and maybe a balcony or outside space. Any ideas?

    What I love about Glasgow. The casino! Bloody love that place. Many a night I’ve spent frittering away my hard earned pennies. Oh and the night life! Amazing mixture of stuff.

    Edinburgh is pretty to look at but doesn’t have the honesty of Glasgow. The people are just real. You can be sitting with a druggie or a millionaire and they both treat you sound as a pound.

    I’m scared but excited to move all in one!

  13. Loads of hidden little walks and greenery where you wouldn’t see a soul.

    I’m a 40 minute drive to the foot of Ben Lomond, Highlands etc.

    Cheaper houses and flats vs. Edin.

    Absolute millions of restaurants to the point I’ve barely dented them in 5 years but still been to loads.

    Can walk to the start of the west highland way.

    (They should still bloody light up Kelvingrove, though)

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