Idea help for Family Friendly Museum/Activity Center

Hi! I have been thinking of trying to get the capital and means to start my own business and would love to hear some ideas from others. My town needs an indoor museum/activity center. There is a real need for it here. I would like it to be inclusive for ages 0-14 ideally. The land here is rather expensive and I’ve never tried anything like this. I am a certified teacher. Before I really delve into the logistics, though, I was hoping for ideas that would suit families and kids of those ages. So far the only things we have here are a bouncy house and a super small kids play area to dress up/pretend play. I want to do it in a way that’s not ridiculously $$$, but that’s imaginative, highly educational, and teaches kids to critically think and be physically active. I also want an art room and a climbing wall. I am researching museums to see what can be done. If done well, this could make me finally financially stable as a single mom.

Another idea I have was to offer coding classes on weekends.


Any ideas, tips, and recommendations of awesome ideas are welcome.

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