I work as a Parking Attendant/Traffic Warden in Glasgow. Ask me anything

I thought this could be be interesting. I’ll answer all questions about my job openly and honestly.

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  1. *cracks knuckles* It’s time for my first ever Reddit comment!

    Do you actually feel joy when giving someone a ticket? If you give out a lot of tickets do you think “uft, that was a decent shift!”?

    Have you ever not given someone you should a ticket? For example, you’re in a really good mood and you pity their shit car or something?

    Do you ever take the piss when taking those “Evidence photos”? I got a ticket once and most of the evidence photos focussed on a giant toy octopus I had in my car. I hate the bastard that did that… Took all the joy out of Octy…

  2. Is there a commission on the number of tickets issued.

    Is Cambridge Street the best spot for all parking attendants in the city centre

    How many parking attendants cover the whole of the city centre or how big an area do they cover. Just so I can up my car and mouse game.

  3. Not Glasgow specific per day but more airport related.

    Does everyone aspire to be smeato?

    How the fuck does it cost £70 to leave a stationary car on a bit of land for three days.

    Number plate recognition. Pish.

    Did you fail at every other possible career possibility? Did you try for something better before hand? Ripping it with this one bit but I guess it’s better than bams trying to kill you in st enochs square.

    What’s the money like, before tax.?

    Do you need SC??

    Every been assaulted?

    I’ve be got a big car, arse bags out of most spaces. I’ve had a “minor warning” when I parked in George square that I might get a ticket as the arse of my car breached the space behind me. This true?

  4. Why do I never see any of you? (Southside)

    Why is parking across pavements and blocking cycle lanes *every fucking day* permitted?

    What’s the salary like and is there a bonus? Reckon I could bang out 100 tickets in a slow day.

  5. 1. Can police issue parking tickets here?
    2. Why are there so FEW attendants? This city needs to triple the amount and actually enforce parking restrictions with hefty fines. Forever fed up of people parking on the sidewalk, double yellows, corners clearly painted “do not block” etc.
    3. Why are so few cars towed?
    4. . Do you enjoy your job?


    p.s. my native city is RUTHLESS and with all the parking tickets issued by attendants and police, the city raises over $100 million annually. Wish Glasgow would do the same. I’m prepared to be downvoted to fuck.

  6. Well done big man. Certain car owners have an almost-godlike sense of entitlement when it comes to parking their vehicles, and you guys are the thin yellow line between us and chaos. Come to South Korea if you want to see what poor parking enforcement results in…

  7. /u/GetARealJob2019 What hours of the day are you out? I once saw two Parking Attendants drive down Glasgow Street in a van at 9pm one evening, and one jumped out and put a ticket on a car parked in front of a Resident’s Bay on double yellows. I assume the owner thought they’d be safe there until the next morning.
    Also, if you see a car parked without a ticket, do you give it a few minutes grace period in case the owner has ran off to get change for the machine, or do you write up a ticket straight away?

  8. Does the positive discrimination towards disabled people bother you? I.E carte blanche to park anywhere regardless of restriction/obstruction and getting free parking. I’ll use Stewartville and Fordyce At as examples. Please note: this isn’t anti-disabled, it’s about the system in place.

  9. Is there any requirement to move a car parked on the meter every 3 hours (the Ringo app seems to think so) and is this something you ever check?

    How closely do you examine permits/tickets in the windows? Let’s say I kept a ticket from 9 January 2018 (I haven’t btw) and stuck it up today – would you notice or are you just glancing at the times?

    Do you ticket cars in e.g. motorcycle-only bays?

    What’s the chances of one of you covering a specific southside street on any given day (e.g. Darnley Street)?

  10. Are there some areas that don’t get covered at all, even with a pay and display? In particular the parking at cathedral square, I have never seen an attendant present or a ticket on a car at all.

  11. How do you know a car is using ringo, do you have a device that scans the license plate or do you have to enter it manually?

    Have you ever felt in danger from a member of the public for issuing a ticket?

    Is there much enforcement in the East End?

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