I have an idea, but I have no idea how to implement, help?

So I have an idea, I know if done correctly can be scaled. Potentially it will be sold to healthcare businesses and really help them work with their clients. My problem is that I have no engineering background that would enable me to build my idea. I’m 20 years old and don’t have much experience. Should I partner with an engineer. Should I check out friends and see if they’ll help me for free. Should I do up-work. What do you guys usually do if you want to build a product you yourself cannot.

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  1. Biggest advice for you is to get a Non Disclose Agreement from Legalzoom. Even though you are not patented, you should find a way to protect your intellectual property.


    You can find overseas engineers (eastern europe, etc) through [upwork.com](https://upwork.com) too for really cheap. There are some obvious challenges there.I would have anybody that you discuss your idea with or work with sign the NDA.

  2. Best would be to learn while implementing your idea which is cost free but time consuming. Second, post it on online freelance services(google it). It will cost but less than agencies etc.

  3. Talk to people in the healthcare industry to gauge interest in the market before doing anything else. Also, be aware that healthcare is a pretty heavily regulated industry, especially for anything that interacts with patients in any way. My BiL works for a company that installs hospital beds and the red tape can be murder.

  4. Well there’s three ways to go about this youre young at 20 you could probably pick up code in like 8 months and build it yourself which will be great cause if you happen to have more ideas youll be more likely to excute those too all the match easier, second find a local programmer who would be willing to work with you depending on how confident you are over the success of the biz offer them equity, third hire oversees cheap contractors id recommend this if only you feel that business is specific to your particular location and that way if anything happens they cant make money of your idea, base your decision off time, cost and security

  5. What you’re attempting is hard, and chances are you’ll fail.

    There, I said it.

    Now that this is out in the open, if you still feel you should go ahead (and I think you should; even if you fail, it’ll be an excellent learning experience which will serve you all your lief), it seems obvious that the most crucial thing is to reduce risk as quickly as possible.

    There are posters here who recommend you learn how to program, and do the work yourself. Wasting a year getting up to speed, and then only having enough knowledge to effectively paint yourself into a corner because you don’t have the experience to build the thing right.

    There are those who recommend you go on upwork, hire some unknown guy whose skills you can’t judge and whose work products you can’t assess.

    I say do none of these things. Not yet, anyway.

    So far it’s just an idea. Ideas are plentiful. You need to find out if it’s a good idea.

    So… talk to prospective users. Talk to prospective buyers (if they aren’t the same as the users). Find ways to understand if they like your idea in the first place, or if you’re missing something crucial.

    Build a mock-up (can be pencil drawings on napkins, for all I care), show it around.

    Only once you’ve proven to yourself that the idea has merit, consider how to build it.

    Take as much risk out of it as early as you can. Don’t rush into building a thing before you know for a fact that somebody wants it.

    Oh, and as others said, be careful about protecting your idea. But realise that you must still get it out there, so keeping it secret is precisely the worst thing to do.

    And realise that most people don’t care abut your idea, and even if they do, they have more important things to do than to try and steal them. I sometimes work as a contract engineer, and my customers are always fearful of my taking their ideas. _I don’t want their stupid ideas!_ I don’t want all the hassle and worry of trying to design them, market them, scale them. I’ve got enough shit to worry about as it is.

    Good luck.

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