I can design identity for your business or business idea for free.

I’m a graphic designer who has been doing publishing designs mostly so far. I am trying to transition more towards branding and I want to start creating some projects for my portfolio.


I am struggling with coming up with a made up business, so what I would like to do is take an idea or existing business and create an identity for it. The process will take a while, because I want to put all my efforts and current skills to do it well, while at the same time learning new things.


Here is the part when I am asking you to tell me about your business or idea for a business. I will choose up to three of those to work on, one after another. Since it is not intended to be a client work, I will not be cooperating with you to achieve what YOU would like (this sort of thing I will do probably later on). I will execute all designs based on my thought process only, so that I keep it consistent with my style before I jump into working with people.


If you wonder what you can get out of it, it is possibility of the branding for your business designed for you. “Possibility” because you might or might not like it in the end. If you do like it (I will send you link to my behance portfolio with the project), you will get all files and identity for free, which will include at least logo, pattern, business card design and JPEGs of the muck ups.

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  1. Love the idea!

    My site is [MarshallBrownCPA.com](https://MarshallBrownCPA.com). I want to be the go-to tax guy for small businesses and make taxes/bookkeeping a simple a process as can be.

    Website is going to go up in just a couple of days. I was just about to check out fiverr and find a few people for branding. Thanks for considering!

  2. Very cool idea, here is a link to my site:


    I’m developing an mHealth app to allow for customization of rehabilitative activities for people who suffer from a Communication, Cognition, or Speech Disorder (CCSD). The app will be focused on the geriatric target market segment (Dementia, stroke victims, Traumatic Brain Injuries from falls). Being able to add personalization to these activities will dramatically increase saliency (basically faster progress through rehab and higher levels of retention post-discharge) which can provide a dramatically more cost-effective way to decrease hospital re-admissions (1/5 of people suffering from one of the aforementioned health woes will sadly be re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge – the vast majority of these are entirely avoidable if there was a way to track progress and retention post-discharge).

  3. If you are passionate about dogs and need a service and product based biz all in one —


  4. OK, so here is one I am struggling with:




    it is specialized filters for GoPro cameras, especially for drones, but with other applications.


    It’s a great product, but I’m struggling with the identity. I would LOVE a fresh set of eyes on this!

  5. Brilliant, I would love for you to design a logo/identity/brand for my product/site.

    It’s a software product aimed towards private investors and traders: [https://www.excelpricefeed.com](https://www.excelpricefeed.com)

    Let me know if you’re interested and if there is anything that I need to expand on/clarify.


  6. Painted Wolf Foundation

    A conservation group concentrating on protecting African Wild Dogs (also known as “Painted Wolves”).

    PS: I know this is not a business idea or something that I own, but a slightly different focus may be good practice.

  7. If you’re still looking, drop me a line — have a project I’m working on & the ‘identity’ is one of the biggest stumbling blocks I’ve come across — Thanks!

  8. Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your interest!

    I’ll wait few days and see if more people jump on board with their businesses and ideas and will be letting you know soon when I make my choice.

    I am sorry if I don’t reply to everyone, I got more comments and messages than expected. I will definitely contact the people whose ideas/businesses I choose.

    To help all of you get an idea of what I might end up going with, I’ll mention few things I am mostly looking at:

    1. How “brandable” the business is. So a company that I can design a very clear visual language for and create interesting applications.
    Unfortunately a lot of tax/marketing/consulting type of businesses are limitting visually.

    2. Name. I will not choose a business that includes someone’s name, a city or is very long. Interesting names are also more inspiring.

    3. It might sound wrong, but I don’t want to take on an idea whose owner is very hopeful about the outcome and counts on me to do the branding for them. I am confident of my skills, but I do not want to feel the pressure of time or pressure of suitable result. I will happily share the final files, but I need a person to be distanced to this idea and understand they might end up not liking the design.

    I’ll try to reply to more of you in a bit and thanks again for your interest and messages!

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