How would you reply to this AppStore review?

My app was recently featured on the Today tab by Apple and that led to a spike in the number of downloads – however, I got one pretty nasty review that doesn’t reflect the reality, it feels like a hate review — and I honestly don’t know what should I say in the reply.

[Here’s the AppStore review.](

Any ideas?

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  1. As long as your app exists, you’ll get hate, that’s just how it is. Take it as a compliment, that some bothered to spend so much time just to roast your app 😀
    I would just thank them for trying out the app and giving feedback.

  2. Seems like there are some pretty specific grievances in there. Directing someone out of the app to a website for the help section is a pretty jarring UX decision imo. On top of that they claim the help site doesn’t even work.

    Nonetheless it’s a good r/murderedbywords

  3. It’s so scathing and detailed, makes me think it’s written by someone that’s affected personally by your success. They mention one of your competitors early on, reckon its them?

  4. Feedback is super helpful to fix issues and come up with better iterations of your product. That being said, not all feedback is going to be PC and you may not like what you read at times. Don’t take it personal and appreciate the time given to you by the reviewer.

    Take into consideration the issues reported and take action if something needs your attention, then fix it which it seems you did.

    I’d thank the reviewer and mention that his/her feedback allows you to improve the product and that zendesk issues have been submitted for Apple review. Wouldn’t take it any farther. It allows your other potential buyers to know that you’re responsive and committed to your users.

    My first app review many years ago: “Free and Worthless” I printed it big enough and now it sits on my desk. A reminder to keep improving products/services always.

  5. He seems very butthurt for some reason.

    It’s quite an in-depth negative review and I wouldn’t suspect this is a fake review from a competitor.

    I would see if you can post a sensible, civilised response and try to rebuttal any points and even acknowledge any points and say its something you will implement in the future.

    When others see you’ve actually read the review and responded accordingly, the low star rating won’t have much impact, especially when you’ve got tons of 5 star reviews.

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