Help/guidance on selling a decent business

Hi all – hoping for some advice/guidance – and apologies in advance if this is the wrong place.

A friend of mine owns a reasonably successful high street business (a butchers shop) in a medium size town (UK based).

He is now looking to sell after doing it for years but is struggling to find a buyer.

The shop has a great reputation locally and anyone buying it could make a decent living from running it.

The challenge is, it’s a fairly niche industry these days and he is struggling to find any interest/buyers.

Is there any advice/guidance anyone can give about where to advertise the business for sale or if there are any tools/resources/forums which might help try to find a buyer?

Any advice really appreciated.


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  1. I would say you need approach successful entrepreneurs in the area who have already made some money. It’s a small town so the people who have made it are probably known. Set up meeting with them and pitch the company and it’s growth or income prospects.

    Go with a presentation and some financials they can look at.

    Also, if you work with accountants and lawyers they would know who’s got money to spend these days.

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