Have any of you been unfortunate enough to have worked at Kura?

Have any of you been unfortunate enough to have worked at Kura?

Have any of you been unfortunate enough to have worked at Kura?

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  1. I worked there a few years back just as they changed brand. I have an unseen disability and they basically just ignored the fact it existed and everytime I had issues I’d get berated about why I wasn’t coming in etc. I was only on a contract mind so I just worked till the contract ran out.


    Better than Teleperformance at least


    But then a pigsty is better than Teleperformance.

  2. Somebody I know used to work for Santander call centre. She says it was good, if monotonous, but the micromanagement aspect of it was beyond tedious. I’ve heard so many horror stories of Kura and I’d avoid like the plague.

  3. Not at all surprised. worked for them back when they were called Response, better than Teleperformance but not by much.

    They should probably install a revolving door given the amount of staff they go through on a monthly basis.

  4. I met my fiancée working at what was then Response. We often speak fondly about the day we quit.

    Your blog post gave me PTSD like flashbacks, especially Grad-Bay. I remember coming out of training and them telling us ‘just go for it, no one will die if you get it wrong’.. my first call was a gas emergency and I had to argue with the customer to convince them to leave their house. Utter hell.

  5. I worked in a call centre that was about 50/50 directly hired staff and Kura temps. The difference in conditions despite working the same job at the same office was shocking. Less pay, longer hours, harsher targets, fewer breaks the works. Later I moved to IT and I saw under the hood, I realised how bad it really was. I was once asked to find a way to exclude Kura staff from being sent alerts on internal job openings, because Kura were struggling to keep their numbers up as their best people were applying for (and getting) jobs directly with the company in other departments.

  6. flash backs galore. i also worked for webhelp on the sky contract before sky took it back over, kudos to anyone that can cope with call centre work – i’d rather be force fed my own shit than do that again.

  7. yes, and Teleperformance and Santander and Capita.

    Teleperformance and Capita were the worst, really bad. Capita had a disgusting attitude towards both staff and mangers alike. Nobody was happy, and nobody in senior management cared. TP were just useless, and played favourites worse than any company I’ve ever worked in.

    Santander used to be ok, but the rate of pay was the lowest in the banking industry… they justified it by being easygoing… which they were… until a new Director took over for the contact centres. Now, I’d avoid them like the plague too, they’re just another crappy contact centre sweatshop banging on about statistics and struggling to keep staff. Very pricey canteen too. Nice building though.

    Kura were weird. They talk the usual pish, but they lay it on so thick, it’s almost like they are genuinely trying to convince themselves too. If your face fits and you’re the kind of person that keeps their head down, gets involved in a good way with all the cliques, and most importantly has great stats then you’ll be fine, but they tolerate a lot of racist, sexist, inappropriate and homophobic chatter and jokes. Was like what I imagine being a KKK clubhouse would be like, without the crosses.
    It will depend what contract you’re on… from what I’ve heard, I’d suggest avoiding Scottish Power at all costs, although I worked a different contract. The canteen is on the pricey side for only ok-ish food. Oh, and it’s really cramped working conditions.

  8. I worked for response (now Kura) for 1 and a bit months when I was in Uni and they where honestly the most incompetent company I have ever worked for. I have seriously never come across a management group that are so unorganised and unsure on how a company should have worked. This article brings back so many memories and looks like the same shit it happening all these years later.

    Back when I was in Uni I applied for the job advertised for all shifts after 17:00 and weekend all day and night. With a total of either 16 or 24 hours I’m sure. Basically phoned me to ask me a few questions, invited to an terrible group interview with some lassie that seriously had no idea what she was doing, told us training was 17:00-21:00 5 nights then full day sat and Sunday. It came to our start dates and myself and all the other part time new starts came in at 17:00 only for a mentally challenged 40 year on guy with wee man syndrome to come in to screech at us because we were supposed to be in 09:00. He was with the interview lassie and we explained that she advised us that it was 17:00 because we were all part timers and she denied it saying she only authorised the person that asked the question it.

    Ok w/e I can miss a few days of uni that’s fine. Few weeks later when it comes to actual shifts the full training group of part timers where told that no, the above shifts weren’t possible and that we would all be working what ever shifts we were given dependant on what our teams and clients need. Roughly 75% of the training group of 20 odd explained that this was impossible due to outside commitments and the trainer manager and HR lassie just sat there as if this was our issue and not theirs. Majority of the 75% explained that they wouldn’t be able to continue with the role and the both of them explained they would have a chat with one of the higher ups and get back to us IN 1 MONTH. Obviously we told them to fuck off and sort it now and they disappeared to consult with a hire up right away. 15 minutes later they come back with a higher up who looked like and sounded like he had just arrived from a mid 90s scheme basically they said ‘do these shifts or else’. 50% of the group were like ok fine fuck this and stood up to leave and both the HR lassie and manager started panicking asking us to stay with promises of fixing the shifts but everyone was fed up and left. I found out later that the guy they got in was just some random TL who was a total bam they got in to speak with us to try and frighten people lol. Tried to not pay me for my time as well the wee dicks.

    Sorry for the rant.

  9. Worked for teleperformance and webhelp for about a year each and both made me severely depressed by the end.
    Only good thing is making great friends with like minded folk. Met a ton of utter roasters too but

  10. I haven’t but when I worked at other call centres there would inevitably be folk who used to. They said it was one of the worst companies they’d ever worked for. However, in my experience working for Weatherseal was pretty shite.

  11. Worked at Response for their Sky call centre for 3 months. It’s the event that convinced me to A) Never work in sales and B) Never buy Sky.

    It’s a fucking miserable march of a job mill. They aspire to the lofty levels of being incompetent.

  12. Worked for Kura way back in 08 when they where called Response for a year and a half when I was in my late teens.

    Absolute hell hole, 13 hour shifts with only half hour for lunch and 2 fifteen minute breaks that you had to use to go to the toilet.

    Equipment that barely worked, had to buy your own plastic straw thing for the phone out of your own pocket, used to have an ear splitting noise that would come in randomly after a call.

    No space between calls, whatsoever, so until you where experienced you used your break to write notes.

    I still remember the day we where called in for a meeting to get given a pay rise, after what was at that time two years of no rise at all, it amounted to about 8 or 9 pence an hour and the account manager said that she was so happy for us.

  13. Worked for both SLC and Scottish Power campaigns in 2013 when it was still Response – SLC was shite but Scottish Power was far worse. The work, management, atmosphere, everything about the place was so hellish that even after taking on a 4 day/10hr per shift week rather than 5 day/8hr in a bid to get more days out of the place, the fact that I eventually had to return to the Response office was ruining my enjoyment of any time off. Walking out halfway through my notice period one Wednesday afternoon is still one of the most liberating feelings I can ever recall having.

  14. Worked there when it was Response. Basically did the paid training and fucked off. Did like 2 days in Grad Bay. They expected you to be in your seat 15 mins before your allocated shift, 15 mins which weren’t paid. The girl who was helping me out had been there 4 months and said she was pretty much the longest serving person in there apart from the managers. Horrific place to work. By the way, this is a brilliant read, I’m no book publisher but you have a way with words. Bravo sir

  15. I have a guy on fb who I believe is a manager at Kura and its so weird how he talks about the place, almost cultish! I thought it sounded amazing until I realised it was response.

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