Glasgow nightclubs of the past

Was chatting old nightclubs in Glasgow which are no more. In my clubbing heyday late 90s early 00s we had our choice of archaos, the arches, the temple /the shack, babazzar, art school, trash, abc, the tunnel, fury murrys and Victoria’s, bonkers if we’d had a knock back from any of the above…
All sadly gone. Not that I’m dusting off my dancing shoes anytime doon but sub club and the garage aside where is left?

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  1. Oh, I loved the Shack, back in 2002/03. It was such a beautiful building, with those graceful columns and the sweeping staircase up to it.

    I have such fond memories of £1 vodka lemonades, dancing to The Strokes, spraining my ankle thanks to three-inch Topshop high heels and being carried out that imposing front door and down those steps to a waiting taxi by a ridiculously handsome staff member.

    It was just like Cinderella, except nobody came to give me back my missing shoe the next day and it turned out I’d actually broken my fifth metatarsal bone.

  2. A couple of times, a pal took me along to some kind of members-only club that was in an old warehouse or something? You could go if you weren’t a member, but you had to get signed in. It was slightly out of town, you had to get a taxi there. Can’t for the life of me remember what it was called but it was great – mostly played techno as far as I remember and it had an excitingly illegal feel to it – though it wasn’t I’m sure.

    A bit of googling reveals it was the Soundhaus – all coming back to me now! Now sadly closed, not that I really go out anywhere these days, being 40 and sprogged-up.

  3. The Big Joint on South Street.

    Getting picked up by a bus at Spy Bar on Bath Street and ending up on a boat party up and down loch Lomond. Making pals with Chaz, the big black laddie who busked with his trumpet on Buchanan Street and gubbing heath ledgers till Monday.

  4. A wee shout for the Hetherington Research club. Used to do nights in there back in the day. Really great to have a cheap place in the west end that was like a living room.

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