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So I’m going to a gig at The Garage this summer and was wondering if there’s anything I should know, just how a gig works compared to the club and stuff like that. Thanks

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  1. It’s actually a great venue for gigs. Not much different to club but there’s no hanging about when the gig is over. They want you outta there ASAP so they can get the club ready.

  2. Agreed with /u/Gcs79. It’s a great gig venue. If you’re used to going to the club it’s worthwhile to get in early so you can see what the main hall looks like empty, it’s quite eerie.

    If you’re wanting alcohol and are used to getting ID’d remember to get a wrist band from the security staff near the cloakroom before you enter the main hall or you’ll have to go back and get one. Made that mistake before – they won’t ID you at the bar. Also I believe they put the prices up quite a bit compared to the club. £5ish a pint of Fosters etc.

  3. Great place for gigs. The sound system has always been top notch.
    If you want a seat get in early. Doors tend to be always on time. For me the security are so much more relaxed for the gigs. Not all bothered if you have had a few before.
    The bands have to cross through the venue so you can see them passing by the merch stall it is gig time.

  4. Don’t go to a huge amount of gigs, but saw Dragonforce there 2017 I think, the venue was great! It allowed a decent amount of band/crowd interaction. Bar access was fine, and you are right in the heart of it for drinks after if that’s your thing.

  5. Garage is a decent gig venue! Theres the usual cloakroom so you can take a bag, jacket etc. too which i know is important for some folk.

    And if i remember correctly you get free entry into the garage club or the cathouse with your gig ticket if thats your thing 🙂

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