Getting involved in the glasgow music scene

I recently moved to Glasgow and used to be really involved in the local music scene, wanna get into things here but domt know where to start. into basically any kind of music and would consider myself an okay guitarist. Any ideas?

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  1. Hang about at Open Mic nights and get your face out there as well as at other bands gigs. Sleazy’s do a good open mic every other Monday as well as tons of other venues around town (should be able to find them with a google).



  2. I’ve been wondering about this too. But the difference is that I’m not actually very good guitarist although I’d still love to find a band. Also English isn’t my main language so that also makes things harder for me.

    Anyway, I’ve been going to these small indie gigs in Priory, Broadcast, etc. and have occasionally met some cool people.

  3. My knowledge of the current scene is very out of date, but the advice to go see some local bands at some of the venues and make connections – Broadcast, 13th Note, Hug and Pint etc. is still sound.

    I am not sure this still applies, but those places were very frequently had bar staff who were in bands. Back in the day you spoke to ‘Kenny from Eska’ at the 13th note for any information on the local scene. I don’t know the modern equivalent.

    Musical instrument stores are also often meeting places for musicians and bass players. Maybe wander into Guitar Guitar and ask them where to find bands looking for additional members?

    Oh and record stores, though maybe only mono or I love music is worth trying these days

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