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Going to start driving to work because I’ve just got a car and I now refuse to give First Bus my money after having to put up with their shite for the best part of 3 years.

Are there any free parking areas near Charing Cross/St George’s road? I know there’s a few places up at Garscube Road but the closer the better.

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  1. I used to have a parking space in town till my work sold the land -it was in charing cross so when it happened i decided to look into permits. Charing cross car park wanted a few hundred quid a QUARTER and thats how i started using the bus lol.

    So if you do find anywhere reasonably priced please share with me.

    Keep in mind this was a good few years back so its probably much more expensive now.

  2. Would you do park and ride for the subway? Or check with your work – we’ve just been told that the people that work in our building get a daily rate of £6.50 in the NCP in Glassford Street, I imagine a few car parks etc would offer that to local offices.

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