Don’t overthink starting your service business.

I started my own cleaning company with about $700 at the age of 23, and 2 years later it’s grown to provide me and 8 teams a full time income.

At the core, all you need is this:

-To find people who need a service

-To find people who are good at that service

And then connect them together

(with you taking a portion of the profit).

That’s it.

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  1. What about risk? Why would we ever advise anyone to ever just get out and do something when they have no experience? Its people like that who give contractors a bad name! What about the cutthroat competition? Its always a race to the bottom!

    I’m just kidding. You’re absolutely right. Just get out and TRY SOMETHING!

    Answer the phone with a smile, be professional and clean cut and you’re ahead of 95% of the companies out there. We’re competing with mom and pops who run 1985 businesses. They have clipboards and yellow page ads and use fax machines to send invoices. And guess what? They make really really good money.

    Who would you rather compete with? A business like that or a silicone valley startup with venture capital funding and a bunch of ivy leaguers on the team?

  2. I would just add “the stubbornness to try a different approach when it fails”. Fear of failing can play a huge role on “overthinking”. But yeah – it’s all about the people.

  3. This is inspirational. I’m dieng to start my own thing, even have 30K saved up for it. All my experience has been in technology delivery but I just don’t know what service to offer to small business. Ideally I would love to do technology for restaurant and bars.

  4. I’ve been considering this with car cleaning. Cars are something I’m passionate about, I know how to clean a car in a timely expertly Manor, I’ve practiced in my own and family and they notice huge improvements. I’ve already got alot of the tools, automatic polishers the lot. I just don’t have the balls to take the next step and actually start it. I’m worried about leaving my job as to persue this it would need to be full time.

    Any tips on making the leap?

  5. Congratulations on your success!

    I’m also in the process of launching a cleaning company.

    The people you have working for you, did you hire them as contractors from the beginning or?

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