Does it mean I am onto the right problem to solve if the current existing solution is using an excel file?

For context, it is not for numbers, I have been interviewing people and I have found that almost all the businesses we see have this huge AF spreadsheet that has random notes and data entry bleh for tracking employee performance. I have heard whenever you see a person using a program to solve a problem that is not meant to solve and can only do so partly, it is a sign to focus on that area. Is this a correct assumption? It is super interesting cause during our process we have seen so many of the same spreadsheets, and as a guy who uses spreadsheets for modeling in finance it pains me!!

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  1. Tracking employees where I work isn’t huge. Just things done wrong write ups. Coming in late etc. that being said don’t think anyone is willing to pay for a service as simple as that and the fact that excel is free easy to use organized and a popular format makes it hard to beat.

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