Does anyone buy courses?

I’ve been looking at building a smma (social media marketing Agency) and there’s a bunch of courses out there by self proclaimed “gurus” has anyone bought one? How was it? Would you buy a course a again?

Or if anyone just has good advice at buying courses or even research lmk.

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  1. I only buy from people that actually make money doing what they teach and not making money from teaching. But yeah, I’d buy again if there are anything good. Most of the courses out there are duds.

  2. Hey man I started my SMMA business not too long ago. I have both of Iman Ghadzis course and Sam ovens and a few more and they were ok.

    Joined about of FB groups and ended up buying a course from one of the admins and it’s better than any of the “top guru courses”

  3. On one hand, “those who can’t do, teach” – on the other, I’m more than willing to drop $9.99 on a programing or foreign language course on Udemy.

    No, I wouldn’t buy a single course on anything marketing or MMO-related, but to say there’s no value would be hypocritical. If you can learn something that puts you over the edge it might be worth the price of entry.

    Then again I draw the line at around $10 because anything that can be learned can be learned for free online or with practice. I won’t knock buying the type of courses you’re mentioning 100%, but I will say most of these people are really only good at selling courses.

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