Convicted paedophile suspended from Glasgow University (dental student)

Convicted paedophile suspended from Glasgow University (dental student)

Convicted paedophile suspended from Glasgow University (dental student)

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  1. My favourite paragraph from the article

    “The Justice Office for Scotland stated that the absolute discharge was delivered to avoid “serious consequences in terms of the accused’s future career”, claiming that a criminal sentence would potentially prevent Daniel from continuing his course at Glasgow University.”

    He shouldn’t be allowed to have a future career, he should be in the bloody jail and on the Sex Offenders Register for life. Absolute joke of a statement and verdict!

  2. Stupid wee cunt should be in the jail. Looks like his worlds collapsing around him anyway, even if he did avoid proper justice. Different kinda justice this I suppose, should be inside though.

  3. Awkward question;

    Did the judge in the case know that by letting him go free, that the case would get *international* attention?! Could it be the case that the judge knew that this would get heavy rotation on social media?

    If he was jailed, he would be out of public eye and been out in several years, and the public would have forgot about the case.

    But now this will just run and run and run.

  4. What I do not understand is why the Crown did not appeal on the basis that the sentence was unduly lenient?

    The Sheriff had a shocker, sure, but that’s why we have supervisory courts.

    It’s clear that the full story isn’t being told.

  5. I honestly think that any sheriff / judge who is lenient on these kind of offenders need to be investigated to see if they actually have the same predilections as the defendents.

    I also hate the bullshit excuse, “oh, can’t ruin their future prospects”… Well what about the victim?! Fuck knows how much therapy that poor kid is going to need and if she’s ever going to be able to grow up without any issues from what happened.

    This cunt won’t be allowed back to uni. If they even try to let him back, he won’t last / remain unscathed on campus.

  6. This is exactly why Scotland brought the PVG Scheme into place. So fuds like this never have the chance to work alone with children or vulnerable adults.

    Absolute discharge means this is not reportable to ANY employers and he won’t be on any barring list.

    Fucking ridiculous, get this petition signed.

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