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    Visiting Glasgow, The Friendly City

    Visiting Glasgow, The Friendly City  Visitors to Scotland have a tendency to skip straight to Edinburgh with its incredible historical sites and of course Harry Potter associations, or scurry straight up north to the majestic grandeur of the mountains. But Glasgow, just half an hour from the start of the Highlands and with a unique […] More

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    The Glasgow Christmas markets

    Glasgow’s Continental Christmas Market are OPEN! Head on down to St Enoch’s Square or George Square to see the best traders and stalls from all over Europe! Each market features traditional flavours and produce from countries like France, Germany, Italy and more.  If you’ve not got the festive feeling yet, head on down and grab […] More

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    101+ things to do in Glasgow (Open list) (10 submissions)

    Open list
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    This month is Glasgow

    If you’re looking for stuff to do in Glasgow, you’ve found the right place. This thread contains a list of 101+ things to do in Glasgow and it’s all voted for and ranked by the community!   City trips can cost an absolute fortune, accommodation, transportation, food, drink, entertainment etc. Plus theres always a shopping […] More