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    Deep Dish Pizza

    Upon reading an inconclusive post from 2 years ago, I am desperately hoping someone can help. I have a yearning for deep dish pizza, but cannot for the life of me find anything online that can guide me towards it in our glorious city. So please, help me. View Reddit by Knight_Tarkus – View Source More

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    Glasgow comprehensive rail pass

    Hi, I’ll be moving to Glasgow next month and I’m looking into the different commuting options. I already have the feelings, by browsing online and this sub especially, that the public transport situation is quite grim, therefore a piece of advice can’t hurt. I’ll be needing to commute daily from Partick to Charing Cross and […] More

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    I need advice on what to do next

    Hi, I’m kind of desperate and need advice on what to do next. I was a student at Kelvin College last year but I failed some of my non-graded units. I wanted to do a resit of the units this year to complete the course and possible continue studies next year (19/20) however here is […] More

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