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    Looking for the startup that was posted here or in r/smallbusiness regarding execitive assistance/outsourcing based in the Philippines or somewhere nearby in SE Asia. Can you help me find that post/person? Thanks in advance!


    It was during one of the “Advertise your business, week of x” about a month and a half ago. Thanks in advance for the help! I’m a prospective new customer looking to use those services as I grow my own operations. Thank you! View Reddit by CupCec08 – View Source More

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    Franchise tax board notice

    I had a small business a couple years ago, I was a hot food vendor at a farmers market. I started the business in late 2016 and only worked one day. I did however write off all my equipment (under $10k) for the 2016 tax year. The one day I worked in 2016 could’ve only […] More

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    Cold or Warm Emails and How To Find Company Contact Info?

    **Who we are** Hey, we are Game Peach our idea that we are bringing to life very shortly is a high school Esports league that schools sign up for then the students compete against other schools and students in various video games. I am a high school student creating this idea with a small group […] More

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    Online marketing made simple for beginners …

    Tired of all the affiliate marketing programs out there that require you to get thousands of people to sign up under you and then the one’s that do sign up under you can’t produce. Can’t get any sales so they quit and your residual starts to decrease …Well with this program you get 100% commission […] More

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    Mobile Dog Wash

    Hello, i recently graduated from college and if it has taught me anything it is do what i love and owning your own business is where the money is at. (I’m not a genius over here). Anyone in the Mobile dog washing business, would you recommend starting out with a built van for dog washing […] More

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    Struggling to find my voice

    I don’t know how many women are on here but I could use some help. I’m so used to being talked over in the work force or having someone answer on my behalf that now I’m starting my own business, I’m struggling to find anything to say. It’s something that isn’t a big deal working […] More

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    I’m 15 years old and just started on Fiverr!

    I’m not promoting myself ( I know the rules ) Anyways, I’m 15 years old i’ve been programming since 10 and I’m very experienced in computers and scripting. I wanted to make money off of something I love. Hopefully I get exposure and make a whole bunch of money! View Reddit by jmbenfield – View […] More

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