Anyone would like a High Quality Generic App for your small business?

I’m a mobile app developer and I make low-priced high quality MVP mobile apps.

How you ask? Since I design & develop the apps by myself, I can keep my costs to minimal because I know how much / where to spend, the time in terms of features, design.

I’ve built Chat Apps, Social Apps, Inventory Apps for my clients in the past.

The only catch here is, that most of the source code would be reused for other clients so as to keep their costs minimal.

Since these are lean MVPs solely focused on feature / functionality, the price would come down to a mere $1.5k – $2k (iOS and Android included i.e Hybrid App)

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  1. Can I help you design an app? I’ll be your 50/50 partner and sign an NDA. Let me design some of the UI/UX and you can do the developing. We can concept out the “big idea”… I’ve worked directly for Nike, Adidas, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard – wanna chat? I’m solid with digital design and UI for mobile. I’d work for free until we sold something, looking at this more like a challenge or great risk, great reward scenario. PM me if interested.

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