Any good boardgame nights or tabletop meets people could recommend?

Wanting to branch out my social circles since I enjoy these things just don’t have many people I can play with just now.

Just wondering if anyone here could recommend any good event nights I could attend in the Glasgow area at all.

My main issue is just going to them as I have tried to years before and felt awkward intruding on them, think it’s my anxiety slightly so it is hard to put myself out there on my own to these events.

Peoples experience at these events would be good to hear and what ones they think are best best as well, any info would be appreciated.

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  1. G3 meet every Tuesday up near St Georges cross lots of tabletop and RPGs but also some boardgames.

    DiceRoll Cafe was on two Sundays a month at the CCA, not sure if it is since the fire at the art school, but I guess Facebook is your friend here.

    There’s a group that meets in the Auctioneers just up from Royal Exchange Square on Mondays.

    Max Xp on Duke St is a gaming cafe with a decent library and has some dedicated board game days, also there’s a gaming cafe recently opened in the Southside called Lucky Sparrow but I’ve not had the chance to go yet.

    I used to attend lots of things like this but have fallen away in recent times, but I’m hoping to change that in the new year.

    Send me a wee pm if you ever fancy meeting and playing a boardgame or two at one of these.

  2. Auctioneers at 6pm on Mondays. Taking a break after this monday because Christmas but otherwise it’s weekly and fairly busy. Look for the woman in the wide brimmed hat, she’ll keep you right.

  3. West End Games on Woodlands Road is open every day except Sunday, and does D&D drop-in games every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

    GUGS (Glasgow Uni Gaming Society) does board games and RPGs on Tuesday 6pm-10pm and Saturday 11-5 at the QMU.

    You’re more than welcome to GUGS as a non-student, there’s loads of non-student members.

  4. My husband and I would really love to find a group to do some gaming with…whether D&D or board games. But we’re both pushing 50 and feel a bit awkward crashing in on groups of friends and especially groups of people who are mostly under 25… I mean, if the shoe were on the other foot, I would not mind, but I just think it would be weird for some people?

    We did attend a Meetup group a few times and it was kind fun, but we didn’t really chime with anybody there, and then life got busy, so we drifted away… So we just play MMOs now.

  5. Hey there!

    I run Roll Wi’ It which one if my mayes has mentioned already.

    We are a game night on the move and cart around a huge selection of boardgames, tabletop rpgs and consoles to various bars in and around Glasgow. We are totally welcoming to newcomers and veterans alike and all our staff know our game collection inside and out.

    We are expanding in the new year to go to even more venues in Glasgow we even have themed events, from Smash Bros tournaments, Introduction To DnD and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    Check out our instagram or drop us a line on our facebook page if you wanna find out more 🙂

    Insta: @rollwiit
    FB: Roll Wi’ It

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