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Hey everyone,

Looking for a bit of guidance, or advice. I’ve always been a very tech-savvy kid and always had to learn the in and outs of all the technology I had access to growing up. That all amplified when I got my first computer around age 12-14. I realized I could understand the technology and software on these machines extremely well, and was addicted to it. I spent much of my teenage years being a high-level administrator on a very popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer mod server. This helped me master the Microsoft Office Suite, and Exchange Server.
I’ve been keeping myself up late at night from time to time wondering how to utilize my abilities and dedication to achieve the goals I have in my life. I wasn’t one to keep up with my homework, but paid attention and did well on quizes and exams. I started going to college for Information Systems shortly after a pretty bad car wreck I had, but struggled going to campus and sitting for long stretches. Had a falling out in one of my classes (got a 70 percent in a one of my classes, and the passing grade was a 75) and my financial aid revoked, so I’ve been stuck in limbo since then. Going back to college is definitely something I’d like to do, but I just turned 22, and have all the ambition and desire in the world to succeed. With enough will power, college shouldn’t be necessary anymore to create a business doing the things you love. I’m very confident in my skills and truly care about how others feel. Creating a business in the service field is something that I know I can achieve. I get paid very poorly for everything I do here at Staples, and love going above and beyond for all my customers. I problem-solve for them as critically as I do even for myself. They absolutely love me for it. The genuine and sincere service I give them is very unique, according to them.

Backstory aside, working at Staples in their Copy and Print department, I quickly realized the sheer amount of people completely oblivious to modern technology is astounding. I’d love to be able to help all of them learn basic internet skills, like managing email accounts, setting up job profiles online, installing printers, or any computer peripheral, or really ANYTHING technology related. Mobile and PC. I want to be a more 1-on-1, customer-based Geek Squad. Or create something where I can link potential clients to potential advisers (not sure what to call the role yet), and take a Uber/AirBnB approach on it. I recently met a possible mentor for Digital Marketing and the such, and even he can’t be bothered learning any new software or system online.. He can barely manage his Google account properly. This market is a gold mine waiting to happen, in my opinion. The older generations might seem reluctant to learn this type of stuff, but I’m wanting to create a service where we can go to a client and work WITH them to better teach them how to navigate the internet fluidly. I’m talking Windows shortcuts, and the whole 9 yards. I just have no idea how to go about starting this type of service, or what I would structure the pricing around.

Sorry for being a clustered mess, I’m typing this out from my lonely corner of my Staples store waiting for the day to end and to find my calling. I truly feel like I can be a part of something bigger here.

Any advice is welcome!

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I have an idea, but I have no idea how to implement, help?

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