Advertising and marketing tips needed.

I have my own pressure washing business and I am wondering if it is worth it to advertise now seeing as it’s still winter and most people don’t want anything to be rejuvenated and pressure washed. Any help would be appreciated and keep in mind I am the sole worker and owner of the business so all the money is coming out of my pocket.

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  1. Make another aspect to your business that promotes them doing business off season. Such as an all year round service clean for a discount. (Example 300 for a single job in summer, however a single on peak clean and off peak for 400) as a bonus deal.

    More income to last you through the winter

  2. Dude, this is easy.

    1.) Spend a weekend writing a guide “How to pressure wash your X” (house, driveway, building, .etc). Do this in Google Docs and then export to PDF. (free)

    2.) Go to Canva and create a cover for your book (free)

    3.) Upload your PDF file to Mailchimp and set up an autoresponder campaign to mail the PDF to any new subscribers on the list.

    4.) Create a landing page on Unbounce or similar that offers this guide for free to anyone that puts in their name, email address & phone number.

    5.) Create a local campaign on FB targeting homeowners. I’d suggest 28 – 54, male.

    6.) Create an ad that says something like “Here’s How To Pressure Wash Your House Like A Pro”, .etc.

    Now, the goal here is not for you to lose business, it’s for you to showcase how fucking hard this is to do yourself. You have to show how important it is to pressure wash and then of course, why it saves a ton of time (and possibly even money, via damage) by hiring your company.

    This tactic works for any service business and it’s not going to matter how seasonal the industry is because you’re getting their contact information and you can hit them up when it’s back in season.

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