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    Looking for a sales/marketing/other partner for electronics dev co. venture.

    I’m an Electrical Engineer with 20 years of experience in new product development. I’m skilled at everything from circuit design, rigid/flex printed circuit board layout and fabrication, mechanical design, software design, you-name-it. I can do full stack software development (low-level/firmware, database, web, OS, etc.) as well, with a focus on UI development for Android and […] More

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    Online courses that actually work?

    I’m finding a lot of these…authorityhacker, ecom empires…some of them are free, some of them cost $1000…. ​ Can anyone recommend one or talk about their experience following it? View Reddit by zenplus – View Source More

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    Social handles on business cards?

    Hiya r/entrepreneur! ​ I have a new product-based (not drop-shipping) company. My marketing strategy relies heavily on social, but since I’m just getting rolling I only have about 10 posts on each channel. Should I include social handles on my business cards? View Reddit by _PM_me_puppies – View Source More

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    Plumbing/Electricians/Handymen jobs – EmergencyServices24H

    Hello, I was looking for some technicians, as mentioned in the title, in the area of North New Jersey to pass you some Emergency Jobs only in your free time. If anyone is interested you can call at this number: 609 900 4132 Our e-mail address: administrator@emergency-services24h.com Just ask for Mark. You can visit our […] More

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    Need some help finding a manufacturer for molds

    Hey folks! So I was curious if anyone has any resources on companies to have custom molds made? Any that you’ve had an easy time dealing with, doesn’t hurt too much on the budget? Specifically, companies that make molds for resin would be fantastic. I do know some googlin would probably get me the result […] More

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    When to start looking into getting a patent?

    So I’m about 95% done with my prototype build. I have the website ready (just need to take and upload pics), and what I believe is a solid marketing strategy in place. When should I look into a patent? I’m going to do a soft (web only) launch in about 2-3wks and plan on doing […] More

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