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    Harassment in town

    So I commute through town quite regularly and 9/10 times i will see these two guys who go up to people with a piece of paper saying something along the lines ‘my friend is very poor and needs money’ and will literally follow people as they start to walk away and say no, begging them. […] More

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    Dogs to walk in Glasgow?

    Weird question, as I know there is something similar for cats/cat sitting but not dogs, live in a flat, have two cats, but love walking around the parks/green spaces in the Glasgow area, is there anything where we can take a good doggo out for a walk with us and return them? Animal shelters or […] More

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    Are City of Glasgow College courses worth it? Interested in Web Design and 3D Motion Graphics in particular.

    Hello there. I’m interested to register for an evening course either in Web design or 3D Motion Graphics at the City of Glasgow College, but I was told that they are basically just leisure courses and you don’t receive any qualification or whatsoever after completion. My question is, are these courses worth my time and […] More

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    CBD Oil in Glasgow

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience buying CBD oil in Glasgow? I’m looking for some to help with my anxiety and can see CBD Tec is on Bath Street but all the Google reviews are fake. If you’ve got any advice on what you bought the first time that would also be appreciated. Thanks in […] More

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    Need to travel at 4/5am regularly – where to live

    I’ve been offered the chance to apply for a job on Queen Street which starts at 5:30 am which I have been assured I am quite likely to get due to facing redundancy otherwise. I would need to be able to get there by public transport. I would be relocating from outside the Glasgow area, […] More

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    South Glasgow forest walk

    About 8 years ago we went on a walk through a wood that ended up (I think) opening out onto a small reservoir/big pond, somewhere in the south of Glasgow. We parked in the car park of an Indian restaurant that didn’t have very much else around it, which felt odd, but it was a […] More

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    any ideas of good spots to camp near Glasgow?

    I’d like to go somewhere I’ve never been near Glasgow and camp. Somewhere scenic where I can take pictures that’s free to camp. I’d like to be able to see the stars but it doesn’t have to be perfectly dark at night. Somewhere I can go by bus or train. I don’t want to go […] More

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