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    Guitar trades?

    I have a freshman apollo 2 and want a mini martin or something. Can i trade and buy anywhere in glasgow? Does guitar guitar do this? Thanks View Reddit by BigBrownToley – View Source More

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    Parking your car near the Hydro?

    Drove around for ages to find a non-extortionate space before seeing War Horse at the Armadillo. Parking is til midnight so I wondered if it was okay to use the PC World car park? Lots of nice empty spaces there. View Reddit by catchyusername4867 – View Source More

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    Here’s an easy, lucrative idea for anyone who wants it

    This hasn’t been tested that I know of, but honestly, I don’t see why it wouldn’t turn a profit after two weeks if you’re outside selling every day. This is also a super cheap business to start. Idea: Door-to-door [secure delivery box](https://www.homedepot.com/p/Architectural-Mailboxes-Elephantrunk-Parcel-Drop-Box-in-Black-6900B/203643024) sales. Problem: Everyone on Reddit and local Facebook groups is complaining about package […] More

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    Social Media Marketing basic guide (No fluff in here)

    ​ I am so tired of people trying to scam, or sell some bullshit program on this subreddit, I am going to make a post on the basics of social media marketing. I will put solid content, not the fluff piece of shit most people recommend to read here. Yes looking at you seth godin. The post […] More

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    Party supply store recommendations?

    Hello Glasgow! I am coming to your wonderful city to get married in March, and I’m trying to track down some decorations we can buy for the pre-wedding dinner. I’ve found Arty Party and Card Factory, are those the two places in town that have that sort of thing? In the US we have Party […] More

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    Think local

    Too many entrepreneurs try to get in front of millions with the goal of making millions. Don’t be afraid to narrow your focus. Start local and start small. Specialize and exploit your strengths. You only need a handful of true fans to get some momentum and build a healthy business. Start out as a lifestyle […] More

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